Top Ten Gift Ideas for the Handyman

2 years ago
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Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life can be a little tricky. Fortunately, this feat gets a little easier if you take his hobby into account. If you are looking for a gift to give a man who likes spending time in his workshop, then you can never go wrong with power tools and accessories! Here are ten of the top gift ideas that will surely make your favorite handyman smile. 


1. Nail Gun 

A great handyman can do wonders with good old hammer and nails. These two simple tools are all that the best handymen need to create functional pieces of art. A good nail gun will make the overall process easier and will surely be a great gift for males who love to DIY. 


2. Retracting Extension Cord Reel 

No matter how neatly it is tucked away, the old school extension cord can be quite an eyesore. Help your favorite handyman keep his workstation neat and tidy with an extension cord reel that can easily be retracted and adjusted. 


3. Contractor Pen 

Any DIY lover would love to receive a pen that works with water, wood, and steel. A contractor pen is an affordable gift that has multitudes of uses, with most models having their own built-in angle gauges. 


4. Cordless Impact Wrench 

While a lot can be accomplished with elbow grease, this does not mean even the best DIY lovers enjoy doing repetitive motion for hours on end. A cordless impact wrench that comes with adjustable sockets will surely make a great gift! 


5. Handy Multi-Tool 

Say goodbye to bulky toolboxes that take forever to organize. A multi-tool combines the function of a hammer, a mallet, and a screwdriver; and it does not take up too much storage space. 


6. Laser Level 

Doing a DIY project leaves very little to chance. A high quality laser level can help even novices ensure that fixtures are well leveled before they are permanently installed. 


7. Bluetooth Speakers or Headset

Even the most exciting building projects can get a little dragging when done in complete silence. Help bring life and excitement to any DIY project with a speakers or a headset that is compatible to a wide range of musical devices. 


8. Cordless Drill 

Let’s be honest. Cords do get in the way, especially for highly complicated projects. Give your favorite handyman the gift of mobility with a powerful cordless drill that can work with even the toughest surfaces. 


9. LED Work Light 

While halogen lights do get the job done, they make enclosed workspaces feel hot and humid after a while. Brighten up even the darkest workshops with LED work lights that do will not cause the electric bill to shoot up! 


10. Rolling Seat 

Handymen spend a great deal of time working on their projects. This makes a comfortable rolling seat is a must. Built-in wheels save DIY lovers from the repetitive motion of standing up and sitting down. Some models even come with tool holders that keep the necessities within arm’s reach.

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