Top 7 Invention Books to Add to Your Reading List

2 years ago
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What’s the one thing that inventors absolutely must do? Invent? Well, that’s sort of a given, but what else?

The answer is- ‘Read.’ Books, as we know, have immense power to unlock the potentials of your own imagination. They help us broaden our knowledge, stay in tune with our creativity and spark new invention ideas, and you never know what idea can help you finally break through and get that big break! 

However, in case you feel overwhelmed by the idea of choosing the right book, read on the below list as recommended by big inventor service companies.

1.      Will It Fly

Authored by Thomas K. McKnight, Will It Fly is based on his own experiences in evaluating and developing new business ideas and models. The book very skillfully introduces you to the elements that determine the success of any new idea and ways you can improve your ideas to be ready for launch. One of the most important lessons that the author has focused upon in the book is that one must first believe, evaluate and carve your idea before investing in any serious money.

2.      Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook

‘Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook’ is a master piece written by Maurice Kanbar, the creator of SKYY Vodka. The book is an excerpt drawn from the author’s personal experiences as an entrepreneur and inventor. It includes details of his journey, starting as yet another man with an idea to getting lost in hangovers and rejections to becoming a successful owner of a big fortune company. He explains the importance of giving more time to research, testing, polishing your ideas for improvement, understanding legal aspects and marketing right for successful implementation of your idea as a brand.

3.      The Inventor’s Bible: How to Market and License Your Brilliant Ideas

Ronal Louis has very effortlessly answered the most important questions that go on in an inventor’s mind. Whether you are just dubious about whether your idea is worthy enough or thinking of patenting it or even selling it someone else, you can find useful insights in this book to help you decide your next move.

4.      Patent It Yourself

So you are finally satisfied with the competence of your product idea? What’s the next step- to patent it, right? But before you take any solid step, better give this book by David Pearson a go. It is a great reference book for everything related to patenting, more specifically, DIY (Do It Yourself) Patenting. Moreover, the book is completely reliable since it has been continually updated with new additions and amendments as per the new market values.

5.      Lightening in A Bottle

Lightening in A Bottle, authored by Michael Reid and David Minter, is a great read for all inventors, but can prove especially beneficial for those still on the brainstorming pedestal. The book includes a simple yet detailed 7-step process for engineering new ideas that work. The process also teaches you how to identify and differentiate between a worthy and a shitty/clichéd/worn-out idea, which in turn becomes the first step towards your success story. Each lesson is backed by real-life case studies, which makes the book that much more reliable.

6.      Turn Your Idea or Invention into Millions

Don Kracke is one of the most inspirational inventors of all times who had successfully converted his product ideas into billion dollar empires. He wrote this book to help guide other aspiring inventors. Featuring his own tried and tested success secrets along with step-by-step guide for successfully launching a new idea as a product that catches everyone’s attention and tips on marketing, researching, testing and patenting, this book is truly a gem. You will discover what to do, what not to do and what to plainly avoid while going about invention with examples explained with excruciating details.

7.      Inventors Survival Guide

Co-authored by Cathy Verschneider and Abby Waters, the Inventors Survival Guide truly lives up to its name and has been a great help for thousands of aspiring inventors from going broke while chasing of the dream of seeing their idea turn into a real product. The book includes warning signs that you must check for in an agreement, marketing tips, searchable databases, tips on choosing business partners and much more. Give it a read to avoid making any mistakes in your endeavor.

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