Tips To Improve Your Outdoor Living Spaces

a year ago
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Improving your outdoor space is a great way to enjoy your yard for years to come or provide a great selling point when you decide to put your home on the local market. Deciding what you want done, and why you are making the changes or upgrades, should help dictate how much you are willing to spend on the effort.

Here are some easy ways you can get the most out of your outdoor space and not break the bank in the process.

Add A Strong Feature

Sometimes, it is the small things that stand out and make a big difference. One way to really show off your creativity and give your yard some flare is to install a white picket fence. If a picket fence is not your style, you should still start with hardscape elements and then build from there.

Hardscape elements include things such as patios, walls, walkways and even water features. These elements will help to define certain areas in your garden oasis while also setting the tone for your entire outdoor space. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns too.

Determine Your Elements

Regardless of the size of the outdoor space, to create an attractive and relaxing environment, you need to find balance with the elements you introduce into the space. If space is limited, keep in mind that straight lines typically take up less room than curved lines.

It can be as simple as adding in a splash of color with annuals or finding symmetry with well placed ornaments. This is an opportunity to show your personality without going completely over the top and scaring away buyers if you decide to sell.

Add Lighting

Landscape lighting comes in a lot of different styles and can act as a security feature, accentuate a key feature, or even provide a relaxing backdrop setting. The key with lighting is to make your outdoor space get positively noticed at night.

If the goal is the draw attention to a particularly interesting piece, make sure the focus is on the object or thing, not the actual lighting. Lighting can create the illusion of additional space, which can be particularly important when dealing with a small area.

Of course an added benefit of lighting (such as sensor lights) is to act as a security deterrent. A well lit home is going to make criminals think twice before trying to break in.

Compliment the Door

In many homes, the door is one of the focal points of the outdoor landscape. Therefore, when planning your garden space and your outdoor living area, be sure to consider how to best coordinate your door and other outdoor elements you plan to add.

Simply coordinating the color of the door with some of the plants used in your landscaping is a great way to accomplish this goal. Even adding a yard feature that accentuates your door can really make a big difference in the overall effect of the space.

Find Your Zen

When planning your outdoor living space, you need to also consider how you can tie-in the rest of your house with your landscape choices. Using the same theme inside and out can have a soothing effect and provide a very eye appealing environment.

Even doing simple things like adding shrubbery or hedges to segregate parts of the space can have a positive impact. The more you are willing to spend, the more you can obviously do here. Keep that in mind as you start your project so you do not go way over budget trying to create the perfect outdoor space.

Based on what your goals are, the amount of time/money you are willing to spend, and the space you have allocated for your project, these will help form the foundation for your outdoor space project. Whatever you decide to do, have fun through the process and enjoy your outdoor haven.


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