Tips for better black and white pictures

3 years ago
This is a post for those of you who love black and white pictures, but don't have photoshop.  No photoshop?  No problem!
picmonkey editing
It's really easy and it's really quick!
I decided to illustrate this tutorial with photos I took of Little Miss loving her bath.  But the same principles will apply for any kind of picture.  The reason I chose these particular pictures is because the background is consistent and all one color.
So let's start with this picture.
First, open the picture in PicMonkey and adjust the color.
Adjust the color. You can easily fix the coloring of any picture by selecting the color tab under the basic edits section. Select the neutral picker tab, and then click on any item in the picture that should be white.  Sometimes you might not like the way it changes the picture, but in this case, since I know I'm changing it to black and white anyway, all I want to do is get it away from that not so pretty yellow/orange look the overhead lights give.
See the difference:
Once you've fixed the coloring of your picture, THEN you click on the black and white button in the effects tab.

Change the picture to black and white.  The black and white effect is under the effects tab, and it's a free effect.  Woohoo!

Now we're going to adjust the exposure.
Adjust the exposure.  Once the exposure tab is opened up (in the basic effects) adjust the sliders to create a more striking image.  I like to raise the highlights and the shadows to make the black in the picture stand out more. You can adjust the highlights, shadows, and even brightness and contrast, until you find just the look you're going for.
In the images above, the first image is when the editor turned the image to black and white all on it's own.  Compared to the other two pictures, it looks boring and grey.  The second image is the one I chose to keep, and the third image is an example of an even more dramatic look.  I think it looks a little over exposed, which is why I was satisfied with the middle picture, but to each their own :)
If you're a Royale member of PicMonkey you can also fiddle around with the curves effect.  This will allow you to over expose or under expose just certain parts of the picture.
So here are my favorites of Little Miss!  I edited all these pictures using just the coloring fix, the black and white effect, and the exposure sliders.  All of those effects are FREE.  Awesome.





 If I could get the boys to cooperate for me and let me take some of them, I could print them and hang them in the bathroom.  How cute would that be?  Have fun trying this out!
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