I don’t know about you, but I love shopping at Thrift Shops….. My car seems to know it’s way to many of my local thrift shops….Why shop at a retail store when I can buy 10 times the amount of the very same thing…..for the same or less amount of money……

I started thrifting years ago when visiting my Mother…..She lived in Palm Springs and it was in the heat of summer. She wanted to stop by her favorite thrift…She kept bragging about how great it was…I simply wanted no part of going in and buying what used to be someone else’s stuff…..So I sat in the car being stubborn….Being that it was summer and very very hot I decided to at least step indoors where I could cool off….

My Mom was busy buying a little of this and a little of that….I was becoming impatient because I simply wanted to go where I could spend money and I most certainly didn’t want to do it there……So I waited impatiently…After about 15 minutes I decided to look around……I was amazed at what I saw…….Being that this particular thrift was mainly a clothing store I came across name brand clothes for a fraction of what I would pay in the store I had intended to go……Well, before we left the store I had bought 5 huge bags of gorgeous clothes. I felt like I had spent a thousand dollars when in reality I had spent about twenty five dollars….I was just amazed….I had so much fun later that day trying on all my beautiful outfits….Thanks to my Mom…

Fast forward now to the present time……My large walk in attic looks like a clothing store…..all thanks to all the thrift shops I have visited since my Mother first showed me the “light…” The light to the thrift shops…..I have outfitted all my children in the latest fashions and they are able to mix and match beautiful outfits to their likings….I did it on very little spent in my opinion….

When I leave home I look like a fashion star….Getting compliments on all my outfits…Sometimes for fun I will let people know where I bought my latest fashionable outfit….They are usually stunned…..I have loved my treasure hunts to the thrift shops….

I have gotten very good at knowing which ones are great and which ones aren’t. I rarely go to big name ones…I go to the Mom and Pop types that all proceeds go to a charity….Many of the big ones imply that all the money goes to help others, but many are simply big business….

I also shop on their “Sale” days…..My favorite thrift shop has a quarter rack…Everything goes for a quarter on that rack as it never sold on the main racks….I have a gorgeous handmade Italian sweater that I paid a quarter for…..I have name brand jeans and designer dresses that I bought off the quarter rack…..There are also “bag sales…” Some thrifts try to get rid of excess merchandise and do what they call a “bag sale” or “cart sale…” I have paid as little as a quarter for a paper bag full of whatever I collected…..I am always amazed at the treasures I find….

Granted not everything at a thrift is perfect. I have gotten home and found some electrical appliances do not work or have a missing part….So I try to check them out real good before I leave….Sometimes an article of clothing is missing a button or a zipper isn’t working right….That is why I have a sewing machine…..I simply must say even when I get a messed up piece of something I usually can still do something with it….

I have become the Frugal Shopper….I simply love getting the very best deal I can and thrift shops seem to be the way to go…..Also, for some reason I tend to meet really nice people there….Perhaps there is no pretenses going on…We are all there for the same reasons….To get a great deal…..

If you are a first time Thrifter or a seasoned thrifter like me my advice is to simply have fun…..Check everything out before buying it…..And remember “a penny saved is a penny earned…”

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