How to Make Pottery Barn Knock-Off Sweater and Fur Pillow Covers

2 years ago

Don't ya love Pottery Barn? I could shop there every day if I had a huge spending budget for home decorating. But I can't. I love their pillows, especially those cozy ones.

Yes, these sweet sweater types ...

and fur types!

I decided to make them. So I went thrift shopping and found this ... the perfect sweater and design for the pillow I had in mind for my "southwestern bedroom makeover" in the works. It's got that horse blanket look to it. Just what I needed! With a $7.99 price tag, not bad ... but it was HALF price day so this was a real steal for just $4.49 !

Then I ran home to make a $69 pillow cover (wink) !!! Just by simply cutting off the arms and cutting out two squares to fit the toss pillow ...

Remember that fur coat I turned into a rug? Well, it's scrap busting time! Perfect for fur trim on the pillow cover, and for free. Scraps are always totally free.

I cut the faux fur from the sleeves and shoulder areas from the coat scraps to make enough trim to go around the entire squared-off sweater.

Then I pinned the fur trim and sandwiched it to sew the front and back together.

After carefully sewing the entire pillow (the thickness was challenging) I turned it to the right side and stuffed the pillow inside.


One $69 pillow knock-off was just $4.49 ... awesome!

But ... but ... what about those sleeves?

Well I have two of these really ugly roll pillows that I kept hidden to someday recover and now it's time to do something with them and use up those sleeves.

So I pulled the sleeves over the ends and made a "hug me" pillow!

I'm joking!

I just needed to see how much of the sleeves I had to cut off.

Using more of the faux fur scraps, I cut round ends to sew in.

Tah dah!

Now, leaving the center open where the sleeves met, I sewed in velcro to join the ends yet leave them quick to release for easy removal and cleaning.

Then, I used a piece of a leather belt (another project scrap) to cover the velcro enclosure as a decorative touch. And the grand total for this pillow cover is ... $0 ... It was FREE using ALL scraps. Love that.

Now for that other ugly roll pillow ... I went through my closet for fabric and found this suede skirt that I have not worn in ages and probably never will again.

Cutting the skirt to fit around the pillow and circles from the sweater scraps, I made an envelope opening to slip the pillow into.

The pillow is easy to remove with this opening!

Awesome! Three pillows and no budget busting!

>But ... but ... I don't have enough fur scraps left for a fur pillow cover (insert big sad face here). Off to thrift shopping again, I scored with this vest at $3.99!

Basically taking the vest apart to get a squared-off portion.

It was easy enough to sew straight lines and make another envelope pillow cover. By sewing the armholes and the neckline then leaving part of the vest opening was just right for the pillow to be inserted.

Then I stuffed in the pillow and smiled ... (Happy face!)

>Four pillow covers under $10 ... another happy face! :-)

This was super cheap, lots of fun AND, the decor I wanted!

This was a really cheap thrill. Would you make home decor this thrifty? If so, what's your style?

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