Start As You Mean To Go On

3 years ago
I've had several knitting pattern ideas bouncing around my head for awhile, and I'd like to start publishing some of them. One thing that has kept me from making the leap is a piece of advice that I've read on several Ravelry designer forums and in other design and business sources -- start as you mean to go on.

In other words, I would like the first pattern I publish to be as professional as the hundredth. This means that there are a few business things I need to think about and some process decisions I need to make, and, most dauntingly so far, that I need to develop my style as a designer. By style, I don't mean in terms of the items I'll be crafting, I mean in terms of my pattern writing and formatting. I don't want to just slap something together and call it good, I would like a stylish, consistent graphical design for all of my patterns.

This presents a problem for me, because I don't have much graphic design experience outside of high school journalism class and yearbook and I don't deal well with unlimited options. I shop much more happily and spendily in well-curated boutiques than in stores that are packed to the ceiling with choices in every color. I've been a bit frozen trying to figure out how to develop a design style, or even how to figure out who to ask to help me do it. But today, I took the first step.

I spent my lunch break looking through some of my pdf patterns to choose those that have design features that appeal to me. I'm hoping that I will identify things that I consistently find pleasing (or don't) and can collect some information on how I can include those features in my own patterns or contact a graphic designer to help me with a template.

I have many more to go through, but I'm pretty excited about starting down this new path!

In completely unrelated news, I went a bit crazy over the weekend and ordered Interweave Knits's Holiday Gifts 2012, The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, and a bunch of yarn. I feel a baby knitting spree coming on!

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