Spring Flowers Are Here

5 years ago

February is gone and March is here. What a sad little month February is. It is a short month, but feels like it goes on and on forever. That is how I felt when living in Michigan. The only thing that got me through without feeling completely blue was our yearly trip to Florida. We would travel to Florida the last week of February through the first week of March.

We moved to Florida, July 1999. February takes on a whole new meaning here. I have shown you all the vegetable planting we have done and now I will show you the pretty flowers that we have planted. We mainly plant annuals. My husband had a snake jump out mid waist-high at him from a plant next to the entry way at our former house. Bushes are not allowed near the door. I am working on him to change this.

We have totally different ideas or plans for the yards. I feel the back yard is made for living and gardening. The front should be for beauty and fragrance. Chris feels the back yard should be limited for planting and we need to leave room for games, which we rarely do. The front is for making the house look nice.

They may seem the same, but let me tell you we have our own issues. I want to turn the porch into an extension of our home. I would love an outdoor kitchen, beautiful furniture, music, fire pit, and even an outdoor television. The fence line should be used as a huge planter. Fruits and herbs should be grown there. Fruit and nut trees should be plentiful. Chris wants to leave room to play games with the kids and grand kids when they visit. He agrees about the porch and the fence line. He also wants to leave room for the imaginary boat he thinks we will never have. I want a boat left in a slip. I don’t want to deal with backing it in and out of the yard.

The front yard would benefit from having trees. The shading of the house would be an excellent way to cool the house naturally. Chris is concerned that the trees would fall on top of in the event of a hurricane and it may block the path of his imaginary boat.

We shopped at South Brevard Nursery for the majority of the plants. We did buy a few flowers at Home Depot and two at Wal-Mart. I filled the two sets of planters; one pair is in the back yard and one on the front porch. The window boxes are complete and look so cute. The window boxes are one of the biggest reasons we bought the house. The blue color we chose for the window boxes makes the house look happy.


Chris set up an automatic drip system to water all the plants. The garden, the window boxes, the annuals, and the two sets of planters. Now the mint plants and other plants I have to water, but life is so much easier with the drip system. The plants seem to grow so much better now too.

I don’t compost even though I want to, but I do attempt to use my kitchen scraps differently. I take the kitchen scraps I used the day before, veggie scraps, egg shells, and coffee grounds, cover the scraps with water and boil them in a stock pot for 20 minutes. Strain the garbage out and use the water to fertilize the garden. This works really well.


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