Spend Less Save More: Tips for using peels at home

5 years ago

A friend passed these tips on to me and they have been very useful I hope you can use them too.

 For Cooking with:


Keep brown sugar soft

Add some lemon peel to keep it moist and loose. This works great. Peels pack a lot of power in those little rinds. Why not save the scraps from your next fruit salad or dinner salad and see what uses you can come up with? You will never throw them away again.

Make citrus sugar

Make citrus extract powder as described above, and add 1/2 cup of it to 2 cups of regular white sugar. Place mixture in a jar, and let the oil from a piece of peel further infuse the sugar. Remove after 12 hours. It can be sprinkled on as a cupcake or cake garnish, used in warm beverages, or even sprinkled on toast.

Make lemon pepper

Mix lemon extract powder with freshly cracked pepper.

Make citrus olive oil

Pound citrus peel in a mortar, if you don’t have a mortar use a sturdy bowl and the bottom of a cup, and pestle with some oil added. Place in a jar with more oil and let rest for six hours. Strain into a clean jar. Use citrus olive oil when cooking fresh fish, sauté with vegetables, or pour onto cold salads.

Make instant infusions

Infuse honey or vinegar with citrus peels. Strain the liquid and store in a clean jar. When straining, you should remove all of the peels so all you have left is the liquid.


For Cleaning With:

Clean those greasy messes

Got greasy pans after cooking beef? Counter tops spattered with grease from those French fries you cooked up? Simply sprinkle the affected area with salt or baking soda to act as an abrasive and then rub with juiced lemon halves. The acidity in the lemons will cut right through the grease and make it easier to break up! Be careful using lemon on sensitive surfaces such as marble.

Make zest

This may seem like a given. But even if there isn’t an immediate need for recently-juiced lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruit, just dry or freeze it for future use! Zest is a great item to have on hand for any number of dishes. Scrape the outer layer of the skin and freeze in an airtight container. If it needs to be dried, spread the zest on a towel first.

Renew the tea kettle

For mineral deposit buildup in tea kettles, fill it with water and a handful of lemon peels and bring to a boil. Turn off heat and let sit for an hour, drain and rinse well.

Add shine to a coffee pot

This works on clear glass coffee pots and is an old time diner trick to make pots sparkle! Add ice, salt and lemon rinds to the inside of an empty coffee pot; swirl around for a minute or two, dump and rinse well.

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