Some Tips for How to Move with No Money

10 months ago

What happens when you find out you have to move but you have no money saved?  Well, you might have a brief, albeit minor, heart attack, but then you are going to have to figure out how to make it happen.  Moving is stressful for more than one reason, the main one having to do with how expensive it is.  Not many people know that there are options out there that can help you move for as cheap as possible.  There are plenty of websites where you can buy your moving and packaging supplies in bulk, for cheap.  What with the internet these days you can price compare to make sure you are getting the best deal on a moving truck, or find out which moving company will best suit your needs.  There are other tips and tricks that might not seem as obvious:

 If you can’t afford to move right aware, remind yourself that, with some time, you can save up the resources in order to do so.  You can plan ahead by purging your house and having a large sale.  You can plan ahead and save tons of money on moving and packaging supplies as you buy them gradually, in advance.  If you think that you are going to be moving in the next couple of years, jump online and find out how much a move generally costs, and then start saving!

If you are moving because of a new job, a lot of businesses will offer a moving rebate, or a certain amount of money.  If not, you can ask your employer for a loan.  There are good chances they will give it to you, as they want you to start off on the right foot, with the right attitude, and fostering a sense of loyalty.

Your best bet is to ask your friends and family for their help.  Their man power will be essential in cleaning your old house and your new one, helping you pack and move, and then even unpack.  If you have super awesome friends, like we do, they will even help you paint and do repairs. 

I mentioned a garage sale earlier, and this is one way that will not only give you money but it will save you money.  How so?  Obviously you will make money on whatever you sell, so if you are seriously in a time-crunch than now is not the time to hang onto stuff you can buy later when you are more financially stable.  Also, the more you get rid of the more space you will save, which means the less moving and packaging supplies you will need, and the smaller size of a moving truck, and on and on it goes.  

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