Simple, rustic hearts

4 years ago

Last week I whipped up a few little Valentine's decorations to add to the ones that we already have floating around.  Yes, I saved our mobile hearts from last year and simply strung them up again, waste not want not... IMG_8054

And this is the third Valentine's Day for our yarn and twine hearts that are hanging and sitting all around... IMG_8058
I like having hearts all around our house.  It's fun!  And, I know this sounds cheesy, but you really can feel the love more when you see it all around you! 

So, for this year's heart additions, I stripped those little tree trunks from our pipe cleaner Christmas trees and added some little stuffed hearts to their tops. IMG_8153
Super simple.  Use a cookie cutter for your heart shape.  IMG_8043Sew right sides together, leave a small opening at the point for turning, stuffing and placing onto the "tree".  I used a dab of hot glue under the heart points to keep them from coming off of the tree trunk, because, let's face it, these little hearts get played with all the time around here and constantly putting them back on would get exhausting very quickly!  After the hot glue, I tied on a pretty little ribbon and done... IMG_8044
Cute, right?

And, since Violet noticed our neighbhor's shiny red heart wreath and wanted one of her own, a heart wreath... IMG_8082

I opted to go the more natural route and not the shiny red route...I used a bit of floral wire and rosemary from the garden to make a more rustic version.  The violets are fake, of course, but I added those on since they are February's flower (although, I know it's not yet February). IMG_8081

And Violet's addition... IMG_8087

Alrighty we are surrounded by love, I hope you are too!

Have a lovely day!

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