Simple Pillow Case Dress Tutorial

5 years ago

Today I am going to try my hand at a Pillow Case Dress Tutorial. The pillow case dress is a very simple sewing project, and it doesn't take long to complete. For my pillow case dresses I use fabric cut straight from the bolt instead of using an actual pillow case, I personally think that there are more options available when buying fabric.

For today's dress, I am using 1 yard of Vintage Circus Fabric that I got from my local hobby lobby.  I am making a size 5T, you will need to adjust your measurements according to the size your making. I usually don't use a pattern when making my pillow case dresses, pillow case dress sizing is very forgiving so I usually free hand my dress when cutting my fabric. I have found several good sizing charts you can use for extra help. Sew Delightful's blog has a great sizing chart for making several different sized pillow case dresses. 

Things you will need:

1 yard of fabric ( more or less depending on size of the dress)

Basic sewing supplies

Sewing Machine


Ribbon/ or Elastic

The first step is to measure and cut your fabric to the size you need. I cut my fabric to 28 inches, this is my total including my sem allowances.

Once you cut your fabric to the length you need straighten up your fabric so the seems align and iron the fabric. Once you finish ironing open up your fabric and cut along the crease in the middle of the fabric, where the fold was originally at. You will see a crease there from where you had ironed. 

The next step is to fold over the sides of your fabric 3/8 of an inch, iron. Fold over your fabric again and iron. Do the same to the other side and then sew using a 1/8 inch sem allowance. 




The next step is making the casing for your ribbon or you can use elastic for smaller sizes. Measure your fabric at the very top down one inch, iron then fold over, then iron again. Sew the casing closed using 1/8 inch sem allowance. Now do the above steps to the other piece of fabric that you cut. Remember to iron all sems after sewing. 



After finishing both pieces of fabric, place them right sides together. Measure down 6 inches for the arm hole and pin in place. The arm hole sizes will need to be adjusted for smaller or bigger sizes. Sew both pieces of fabric together.

Were almost done!! I got a little side tracked and didn't take pictures of the last few steps, but I will be adding them soon. 

Okay, next your going to take your ribbon or elastic and cut it to the size you need, honestly I guess on the size and it turns out well for me. Once you have your ribbon or elastic cut place safety pins at the end of each side and insert them into the casing. Once your ribbon is inserted remove safety pins, cut ribbon ends and heat seal with a lighter or use fray check to keep the ends from fraying. If you used elastic use your sewing machine to sew the ends of the elastic closed. Now you can tie your ribbon in a bow.

The last step is to hem your dress. I turned my dress inside out, then folded over the bottom once inch, ironed, then folded it over again and ironed it down again. I stitched the dress all the way around overlapping my stitches a little bit when I finished. 

Your dress is now complete, have fun showing off your new master piece!! This is only my second tutorial so if anything doesn't make sense feel free to contact me and I will try to clear things up.  

My finished dress, This particular finished dress is a size 2T. The dress in the tutorial is sized 5T. If you dont have time to sew or your not sure how but want to purchase this dress please visit my Etsy Shop.

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