Shaking out Cobwebs and an Auction for a Good Cause...

4 years ago

The other day I got up from the couch, shook my head around, and very flattly said "I need to shake some things out."

Well, of course, Brad laughed and laughed at me, looked at me as though I were crazy and asked "What does that even mean?" 

Well, the truth is...I don't really know what it meant other than that I needed to shake some things out.

At the time, something was weighing heavily on me.  I had some deadlines to meet, some that I put on myself and some that others were relying on.  I had multiple lists floating around both in my head and on paper.  And, then there were all of those little things...those somewhat annoying creative things that kept popping their "pretty" little faces into my mind filling it with more and more things that I needed to do.  Or rather, thought I needed to do...

I just needed a moment to shake that all out of my head.  I needed some emptiness for a moment.

That moment occurred while we were in the midst of decluttering earlier this month.  I needed to shake out the cobwebs from the house, from our closets.

And then, as I've come to realize...I needed to shake out this body of mine!  To get running again...

So, now I've gotten the cobwebs and "dead weight" out of the house, closets, and yes, even the sewing room.  I've met my deadlines.  All of my lists are written down in one place, for now.  And, I'm running again...and all of those endorphins are coming back and smacking me in the face, reminding me just how good it feels to shake out the cobwebs in my legs, which also, as it turns out, helps with the old noggin as well!


Here is a not so good picture of me crossing a tree bridge on a trail run.  It was a bit scary I have to admit.  It was slippery from rain and high (I know it doesn't look high, but it is) above the creek and I was sure I was going to drop my phone into the water, but it was also awesome and empowering! 

I think that little head shake did it for me, or it helped at least.  I shook some stuff out.  Now, I am really feeling ready for the new year and good things.

Which brings me to the real reason I'm here today...not, just to ramble about cobwebs and such...but, to tell you about an amazing auction that I donated a couple of items to.  8300810600_e381d4ecc5_z
Rachael and Kelley have worked very hard to organize this auction in conjunction with From the Heart Auctions.  100% of funds raised will be donated to Newtown Parent Connection, where all funds will go directly to those affected by the shooting.  The two items I donated are a reversible market bag

Bag collage for newton auction reversible

and a toddler tote bag Toddler tote collage for newton auction
Full details, rules and how to bid can be found here.  And, full details of each listing can be found with it's picture.  Please take a moment to stop by the auction.  Thanks to many vendors, bloggers, and crafters, there are over one hundred amazing items on which to bid, I'm sure you'll find something that will catch your eye!

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