Sewing Day and other Domestic Activities

6 years ago

Yesterday, the darling husband stayed home from work because he was sick.  He thought he had strep and called the doctor.  They were so busy, they just called in some antibiotics and of course, gave the speech about resting and drinking plenty of fluids.  You know the drill...Anyway, his being home unexpectedly was very distracting and I seemed unable to complete my usual tasks in any kind of efficient mannter.  Plus, because he was home, my mom, who lives with us, stayed hidden in her rooms all day, so I felt sorta guilty about that.   I also felt the need to offer comfort and make soup.  I made a lovely chicken and rice soup and it must have been helpful because after lunch, the darling went to sleep for about two hours. 

Today has been a little more productive.  I am in the process of making some unique children's clothing for an Etsy store.  It is a cooperative effort with a friend and we have had a lot of fun planning outfits for the store and her toddler grandson, and sewing together.  This endeavor is an attempt to keep me from losing my mind while I am staying at home with my mom and an opportunity for both of us to use our creative side. 

Let me explain about my mom.  She is almost 87 and she had some sort of event last March, right before her birthday.  She woke up from her afternoon nap and knew something had happened to her.  She couldn't remember how to call me, so I did not find out about this until the next morning.  I took her to the doctor, who ordered a battery of tests and it came out that her heart had actually stopped.  My  aunt and sweet brothers came and stayed with her while I got my house ready.  She got a pacemaker and loads of attention in the process.  I love my mom.  I do.  She taught me to cook and sew and be organized and anal.  But, as I am sure most of you know, it is very hard to have one's mom in the house and be the caregiver.  And not feel like I have reverted back to being twelve years old, and haven't been running a house on my own for twenty-something years. 

Anyway, today has been very productive.  Grocery store early, because there is a winter storm warning and I did not want to be in the rush of people buying milk, bread and toilet tissue, although I did not buy any of these things today.  I am cooking a special dinner for the darling daughters tomorrow night and I want to get started early in the morning.  I also ordered a cookbook by the author of my favorite blog, and it arrived today.  So I read at least half of it this afternoon.  I made oven fried chicken, butter peas and baked sweet potatoes for supper and my friend came over to sew.  We worked on different things; she is making a baby gift and I worked on a Spring coat for our Etsy store.   It was a super good time! 

Till tomorrow.  And I still hope to learn to put pictures in.  I will, I will. 

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