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5 years ago

I find myself with nothing to wear on a daily basis.  Why?… Because I get bored easily. I wear something a few times, then I’m over it, and another dress bites the dust.  When I finally got around to my spring closet cleaning, I realized that I could single-handedly take the dresses that didn’t make the cut, and turn them out.

Easy DIY Updates

This is what I like to call remixing your wardrobe.  Essentially, what I’m doing is taking my favorite components from different dresses and bringing them together into one fabulous frock.  I’m partial to the remix, because you can usually get around hemming, and you don’t even have to be a great sewer (I’m mediocre at best).

Begin Again:

First you need to find two older dresses.  You need to think about what you like in each dress, and how you want to blend them together.  It’s also crucial to make sure that the colors and patterns werq with each other.

I started off with a dull old sundress.

Transform An Old Dress

I like the heather grey top of this dress, and the contrast of the charcoal waistband.  I don’t love the skirt.  It feels dated, and a bit too beachy.

Then I found a dress whose pattern I love, but the fit was just odd.

Old DressPattern

I never knew if this was a dress or a tunic… It was too short to be a dress, but rocking it as a tunic never looked right because of the neckline.  Was this piece of werq meant to be worn off the shoulder?  I’ll never know.  What I did know was that this color and print would look sickening against the heather grey portion of dress #1.

So, I cut the bottom of dress #2 off.  I used fabric scissors and carefully cut straight across, right under the sleeves.  I was lucky because the print wasn’t harmed when I got reckless with the scissors.  Since I had cut straight across, I basically had a skirt with no waist + a perfectly hemmed bottom!  I set that aside, and got down and dirty with dress #1.

Blank Canvas

Jackpot.  After cutting the sundress-y portion of this dress off, I pretty much had a blank canvas.  Since I already know this dress fit, I got to move right on to the fun part… pin and play.

Fit And Pin

This was a no-brainer, all I had to do was slip the “skirt” onto the silhouette and figure out what type of waist I wanted.  I am by no means a skilled sewer, and I don’t have a sewing machine… The best option for me was something resembling a paper bag waist.  After matching up the seams, I pinned everything into place.  Then it was time for business.  I poured myself a coffee, put on the Snapped marathon (which was airing on Oxygen), and busted out my needle and thread.  The back of the grey dress was elastic, which can be tricky to sew, so I put it on over my badonkadonk and sewed while I was wearing it.  This ensured that the dress would fit over my shoulders and hips without popping any stitches.  Three episodes of Snapped later, I was finally finished… But my dress was missing something, a little neck action.  I always have a shrunken lace dress on hand, so I Peter Pan’d the collar.

New Dress

Now my new dress is everything.  I am serving up Anthropologie realness at a Forever 21 price.  J’adore a good remix, and the best part… Nobody else has this dress, it’s a one of a kind.


Rock Out With Your Frock Out*

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