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5 years ago
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Hey there, I thought I'd share this eye mask here today.  This post was originally part of Rachael's "Raccoon is the new black" series.  Maybe it will help keep some of those early morning rays out of your eyes and maybe it will help you to catch a few more winks...

Raccoons are the new foxes, which were the new owls...haven't you heard?! 

Thanks so much Rachael for letting me join in on all of the raccoon fun.  There have been so many great ideas so far.  I mean, seriously, I can't wait to try all of them! 

Today I am adding something to help you sleep.  Raccoon eye mask words

Don't be robbed of your sleep anymore!  Make yourself a raccoon eye mask and get your beauty rest.  And if you find that you were, for some reason burglarized, check out my raccoon eye pillow (or boo boo healer) for those day after eyes.

Here's what you'll need:  felt, 1/4" elastic, small piece of fabric for the back.

You will also need a larger template for the eye mask.  I made a new version of the template for the eye mask based off of Rachael's original.

Once you have printed out the new template, cut out your pieces of felt place them where you them... IMG_5884

With or without eyelashes.  If you choose to use the eyelashes be sure to have a good amount of the bottom of the eyelash underneath the eye so that the eyelash is sewn on when you sew the eye.  Then pin. IMG_6015

Sew around all of the edges, carefully lifting the eyelashes out of the way as you go. IMG_6024

Once you have the front of your mask complete you will need to cut out another piece of felt and one piece of fabric for the back.  I used an organic cotton for my backing.  Make sure that it is something soft, as it will be sitting directly against your eyes.

Cut the felt and fabric out using the template, but make each about a 1/4" larger than the template. IMG_6018 3

Sew the felt and fabric together with right sides facing using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Leave about 2" open on the side for turning. 

Turn the back right side out, pin the opening closed and then pin the back to the front of the eye mask.  Make sure the fabric side is facing out. IMG_6029

Pin a 15" piece of 1/4" elastic to the sides and then carefully sew around the entire mask. 

Voila!  Raccoon eye mask! IMG_6123



I promise, it does fit an adult!  These kiddos were just having too much fun with it...and it's pretty hard to take a picture of yourself, by yourself while wearing an eye mask...I couldn't see a thing!

Anywho...I hope you enjoy and get some sleep!  Thanks again for having me Rachael.  And don't forget to stop by my blog, buzzmills...for some more raccoon fun!

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