Quilty Pillows, a Test...

5 years ago


Last weekend's task:  sort through all of my fabric scraps. 

I don't know about you, but I have a difficult time getting rid of fabric, even the tiniest pieces!  You just never know when you might need something little for an applique...

Most of my scraps end up in an old picnic basket that I stole from my mom gave to me.  But, with all of the market bags I've been making I find that I have many scraps of fabric that are actually in strips and not odd shapes. 

So, sort, sort, and throw away I did.  I decided that teeny tiny pieces were completely unreasonable to hang on to and threw those away.  Odd shaped and small pieces ended up back in the basket, but the strips, were sorted by width, 1", 2", 3", 4".  IMG_7750

Doesn't that look pretty?

Now, after all of that, I'm realizing that I've got quite a lot of little strips of fabric.  Pair that with the fact that the quilt on our guest room bed is showing it's age and wear beyond fixing, ten years of use and now kiddos bouncing up and down on it daily.  Then, add in my hankering to finally make a quilt...And, we might actually have something here. 

You might have noticed, if you follow me on Pinterest, that I've been adding more and more quilt ideas to my "Someday, a Quilt" board.  I've seen so many amazing quilts out there on Pinterest and in "blogland" that I feel like I might be ready to try, but I'm still nervous.

I've realized that I need to be reasonable and not dive head first into something overly complicated.  Also, I decided that it might be best to give a couple ideas a "test run" in pillows first.  Two birds with one stone 1) I've been wanting to make some new colorful pillows for forever!  2) quilty testing.

First up, triangles.  IMG_7871

I used only scraps for this pillow, except for the back.  The whole thing was put together fairly randomly, you can tell, can't you?  Things don't line up perfectly, see I told you, complicated is not good for me!  The problem I have is that I'm a quick fix addict.  I cut the triangles moments before I had to start dinner one night and then the next day I tried to "whip up" this pillow just before we were having company for dinner.  So, I wasn't fully paying attention.  IMG_7846

I think the colors are a bit random.  I'm not sure if it all goes together very well.  It was all very impromptu.  I do love the addition of the Field Study Sundials as a border though.  I think that it sort of ties all of the triangles together nicely.

Next up, a log cabin(ish) pillow, again made with scraps only (aside from the back). IMG_7858 2
This is not the first time I've tried something like this.  I've made a few little things in this fashion, mini car seat quilts for friends and cushions for Violet's doll high chair.  I fell in love with this style quite some time ago when I saw SouleMama make a quilt for her daughter.  I love the free form of it all.  And, I managed to make myself a sweet little set up with everything easily within reach, which enabled me to whip this one up in no time at all! IMG_7837

My favorite part...the little mice in the middle... IMG_7839

No, I didn't actually do any "quilting", I just tested some techniques.  Triangles are awesome, but I'm not sure I'd make it through an entire full sized quilt (or twin for that matter) of all triangles.  It might drive me crazy!  I'm totally digging the log cabin idea, especially thanks to Maureen's Quilt As You Go tutorial.  That seems doable, I think?

Now we have two, very cheery, and bright pillows in our living room. IMG_7860
What do you think?  Will I actually have the nerve to finally make a real quilt?  Do you have some suggestions for a newbie? 

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