Project Life Weeks 3 and 4

5 years ago

Hello friends!  I'm so happy you stopped by!  I have been working more on Project Life, and as promised, will show you today what's been going on with that.  I have been having fun with this! The last two weeks I have done traditionally, and can really see the benefits of scrapbooking this way.  I need to tell you that everything in my life seems to work in 10-15 minute increments. It's no wonder Moms have ADD or ADHD, because every time we get involved in something, a kid interrupts and leads us away!  I learned early on that I scrapbook best in small increments of time: I may use five minutes to stamp a motif, or fifteen minutes here to arrange my layout, just fitting in little blocks of time here and there.  I also like leaving my projects out so I can mull over it for a while before tacking it down.  Project Life is perfect for this style of scrapbooking!  I can tuck my photos in, and then go stir dinner.  I can pick out my journaling cards, and then go get the kids off the bus.  I can leave it out and mull over it, fuss over it, and love on it until it looks like I want it to look.  I am working on taking less time and just putting it in there.  I admit it is hard for me, but I am trying!

I wanted to show you where I have my Project Life.  My studio has evolved over time and with each move over the last eight years.  But it has always been a priority, even with the smallest amount of space, to make space for it.  Right now my studio is in our breakfast room and I love it.  I can still be in the middle of everything, I can still make dinner and do laundry.  Yes, part of my work space is a card table, but it really does not matter!

It really is a bright little spot in the mornings, with the sun shining in.  The white shelves on the wall have been goodwill items collected over the years and painted white.  I love those shelves and had so much fun putting them up!  And no, my work space is not perfectly neat and perfect....I tend to only clean when I am in between projects.

Alright, here is some PL fun!

Love love love the moments these pictures capture, and being able to get the into an album so quickly!  I am totally loving the push to get my camera out and use it!

This next layout is a continuation of the same week.  We spent some time at the park and I was trying to take advantage of the sun going down that day.  I just got my DSLR a few weeks before Christmas and am making the jump from point-and-shoot to Canon Rebel.  I love the Canon, but the learning curve is steep and I admit that PAS has spoiled me!  I took almost 400 pics that day, and maybe 50 were any good.  But that is ok.  50 is a great number.  And this is a cool layout.

One challenge that I have as a Mom of four kids, is how to scrapbook a family and still make each child feel special?  As much as I would love to make books for each of them, I know that is not realistic, and I really want to document our moments together as a family.  So my strategy is this: for every photo session I take several different opportunities to photograph each child individually, and also together.  Sometimes I do great with that, and other times not so much!  Most of the photos of Natalie from this session were blurry!  But I used them anyway.  Second, when I sit down to create a layout, I try to have one close-up of each child, and then supporting photos of them together.  For each close-up, I add their initial and some sort of embellishment to emphasize that these layouts are about all of them and they each have a special place.

It is so cool to see these stories come to life on these pages.  I have another week to show you, but this is all the time I have today.  Check back tomorrow and I will post that week!  I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my PL!  Thank you for checking it out!



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