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5 years ago

 This is my first Photoshop/editing tutorial so bare with me.  If you have any questions feel free to email me and I'll help you as best as I can.

Today I'm going to show you {hopefully} how to take a picture with a bland background and give it a little spice.
Here is the original picture I took.  I did a little touching up already on the skin and eyes.  So from my stand point everything is done except adding some texture to the background.
 This is where we are going to end up at the end of the tutorial.  I think it has a classier more vintage feel after.
Final Product
1.  Start by opening your picture in Photoshop.  I'm using CS, but the process is almost identical in elements.  I always start any editing by creating a copy layer of my background.  You do not have to do this.  It's just something I have always done.  So if you see an extra layer in my pictures that's why.
2.  Open the image you would like to use as texture for the background.  I use a lot of digital scrapbook papers.  They are a lot more interesting then the grey wall in my front room that I use a lot.  You can find them all over the internet.  I really like this etsy shop
3.  Re-size your background image to the size {or a little larger} of your starting image.

4.  Drag and drop your background image onto your starting image.  You can also select the background image and the copy and paste it over. 

See how there are three layers now - If you didn't make a background layer copy you will only have two.


5.  Make sure your layers palette is viewable. {to open [windows -> layers]}  Click on the texture layer {layer 1} and you will see the opacity slider in the top right of the layers palette.  Lower the opacity until you can see your original image.  Your photo will begin to look like the one below.  I lowered down to 40%, but you can choose whatever opacity you think looks best.


6.  This is probably the most time consuming part, but not super difficult.  We want to remove the texture from our subjects face and any other areas of the photo that you do not want it to appear.  Select your background layer from the layers palette.  Use the selection tool to select the area that you do not want to have the texture.  

7.  Once you have your area selected go back and select the texture layer {layer 1} from the layers palette.  Now select the eraser in the left hand tool bar.  It looks just like an eraser. By selecting the texture layer you are only going to erase the texture from the photo and not your subject.  Choose the size of your eraser and the hardness..  In the upper left hand corner of the screen that says brush, click on the drop down menu and choose the diameter, size, and hardness of your brush.  I didn't circle it, but it's right above the yellow and green dot on my photo.  Start erasing.

8.  In order to make it look like your subject wasn't just copy and pasted into a new background select the eraser tool again.  Up top change the opacity to around 20%-30%.  Also in the upper left hand corner of the screen that says brush, click on the drop down menu and choose the diameter, size, and hardness of your brush.  Choose a soft brush with the opacity around 20% and go around the edges of your subject.  This will softly erase the background making the picture look more natural.

9.  Once you have the background looking as you desire your final step is to flatten your image.  {Layer ->Flatten}  Save your image and amaze your friends and family!

Ta Da


There is a linky to share pictures you've taken up on my blog.  I would love for everyone to link up!
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