Photography Tips for Color and Kids

5 years ago

I love summer!

But what I love even more is taking pictures during the summer. Do you know how many pictures I take the month of January with the icky snow and freezing temps?


I wrap my camera up tight and worry about the pipes freezing.

Seriously, summer photography is the best!

Want to love your camera this summer? Here are a few tips and tricks for capturing fabulous photos all while you bask in the fabulous sun.

@x13" type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript1.1">Get up close!

When I started shooting my kids and their cousins having a blast in the backyard, my shots were distant with annoying background objects. Get up close and get that fabulous shot!

I probably looked like an idiot with a towel wrapped halfway around me and halfway around my camera, but I love how these pictures turned out! You don't even need to stress about using a fast shutter speed when you're in super-bright sunlight. Let this be known as one of the few times I said auto mode is okay!


Summer is famous for fabulous color. I first shot my daughter below with our whole house in the background. I realized the sky and trees really popped with her swim suit, and voila! Nothing says warm and water better than a whole lot of blue contrasting a good summer tan!

Angle it up! Take advantage of your outside surroundings, and try shooting from a different position. Remember kids are down low, so try shooting low, too!

Patience, patience, patience!

When I saw my daughter exploring the cave, I knew she would eventually make the appearance I wanted. I love her flushed cheeks and curious expression. Have you ever looked at a picture of one of your kids and gone, "That is totally a typical expression for him/her!" That's what I love about the photo below. That inquisitive face is so my daughter!

Give your kids a camera!

Not only is it the best way to guarantee yourself showing up in a few shots, you may be pleasantly surprised at how creative your child can be behind the lens!

Make the best of any weather!

Don't be afraid of overcast days. Sometimes the best shots are with rain clouds bearing down overhead. Remember this rule of thumb: Sunshine = contrast, Cloudy day = detail. What's your preference?

Edit and edit some more.

Summer photos can be really fun for kicking up the post-processing. Try a new filter or action for some not-so typical summer colors.

Be a photojournalist.

It's not always about getting the perfect smile! Try shooting your subject in their element, and don't worry about taking too many pictures!

After about ten minutes, I knew I had the expression and pose I wanted with this photo of my daughter. Yes, I took one of her looking right at me and smiling, but this one is by far my favorite!

That's it! Happy shooting this summer and remember above all to have fun!

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