Personalized Portrait Applique

4 years ago

You might remember my post on family portraits. Not the kind where you go to the mall and have your picture taken.  I'm talking about the kind you have drawn by an artist. I have one done yearly. Lately I have started to add various caricatures to the wall. My husband as a musician has had a few done in his time for various bands he has been in. I thought it would be fun to take one of my favorites and make it into a T-shirt applique. Lemme show you how.

First I started with a logo for his band that our friend Jeff Conway had designed. I always loved this illustration of Chris and thought it would be easy to transform into an appliqué.  If you don't have an illustration pop over to my blog Naughty Secretary Club and follow this tutorial to make your own.

Supply List
Black Thread
Sewing Machine
Brown Fabric
Peach Fabric
White Fabric
Tracing Paper
Steam a Seam

1) I altered my image on the computer to make the image of Chris’s face the same size as the T-shirt. I also got rid of the text that said Chris Boehk. I printed several copies of the image out onto printer paper.

2) Gathered up my supplies.

3) Cut apart the parts of Chris's head like his hair, eyes and mouth.

4) Stick your Steam a Seam to the back of the flesh colored fabric. Then using artist tracing paper, trace the facial features onto the front side of the fabric.

5) Once you have finished cut out the whole head shape in the flesh colored fabric. The head should have all the features traced onto it.

6) Attach the sticky side of the Steam a Seam to the brown fabric you are using for hair and eyebrows. Trace the pattern for the hair onto the Steam a Seam sheet (with the protective paper still on the side you are tracing).

7) Do the same thing and make an applique out of white fabric for the mouth and eyes.

8) Remove the protective paper from the back of the flesh colored face and stick that piece onto the T-shirt. The fusible product is sticky enough to hold the pieces together with out pressing but it can still be peeled up and moved around if need be. When you are happy with the placement of the piece iron it to the shirt following the manufacturer's directions. Peel the protective paper from the back of the hair and stick it in it's place over the flesh colored fabric. Same with the eyes and eyebrows and the white mouth. Following the manufacturer's directions, iron the facial features permanently in place.

9) With dark brown thread use the satin stitch on your sewing machine to outline all around the head. Next outline the mouth, nose, and the lines under the eyes. As an alternative, you could just sew a straight stitch to out line the head then hand embroider the eye lines, nose and mouth with black embroidery thread using a satin stitch.

The finished project is a doppelganger for the original picture and I'm quite smitten with the results.  Maybe I'll make one for the entire fam!

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