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7 months ago

With hardcover books going out of style and digital books coming into style, it can be difficult to find old favorites. Keep them in good condition by taking care of them and keeping them organized so you know right where they are. Even if you don't read it often, you can make your bookshelf look like a work of art that will impress your guests and also help you keep your treasured books looking good!

Every book you have should be special to you. If your old college textbooks are just taking up space then you should remove them from your library. Once you have decided what books you hold near and dear, find your preferred organization style. What looks best on your shelves and functions best for you? Do you have an easier time finding books that are organized at the library or do you like searching by topic? If you want it to look more appealing and fun, you could organize by color blocks! 


Sorting by color is very popular and never fails to impress. It could also be limited to colors that go with your room and put the rest in decorative baskets that match the room color as well. If you want all of your books on display but don't want to go with the rainbow colors, you can break it up and mix the colors up to where you want them.


Sorting by size can also look nice. Starting with the larger books and working your way down to the smallest books. This could be done with them standing or laying flat. Laying the larger books flat will also be easier on the book itself since the weight can put ware on the spine of it and make it fall apart easier over time. If you decide to stack you books, be sure the stack is sturdy so they don't fall over.

To keep everyone returning to the home library, rotate books out. Take some books and strategically place them throughout the home where the person you are trying to appeal to will see it. For your younger readers, put them on a spinning cart or near some favorite toys. Pick titles that spark interest. Younger readers are more interested in funny titles or colorful covers.

Don't neglect your older books that may not be so easily replaced or have a large value to you. If the bookshelf is in the path of direct sun, keep very special books covered or move them so they don't get bleached by the light. Don't overcrowd or stress your books by trying to force them open farther than they want to go. Also, a good rule of thumb is to wash your hands before handling the books. Oil and residue from your hands can stick to your books and leave marks.

If you have a small book collection, use a surface space and bookends to stand your books up and organize them. Bookends come in many different styles and can add a touch of your own personal touch to your collection! This idea is great for saving space in the dining room or kitchen with your cookbooks while keeping them nearby.

Books can be inspirational and can look very nice in your home. You can organize them however you want and reorganize them when you need a change. Don't forget to leave space for your collection to grow. If you have empty shelves, you can add other little decorations or bookends. The ideas are endless when caring for your own library!

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