Pantone Fall 2014 Color Report

4 years ago
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It's that time of the year: Pantone has announced its Pantone Fall 2014 Color Report!  As designers we are all interested in seeing what the Pantone team will pick.  As you know, these colors do have an influence in not only the fashion world, but also the interior design world.


We all know that Radiant Orchid has been pronounced color of the year by Pantone, and it is included in the Fall 2014 color report roundup.   But I'm excited to bring to you the colors to look out for in the fall.  In later posts, I will be delving deeper into each color, but for today, let's take a look at Pantone's Fall 2014 Color Report.



Misted Yellow: 
Donna's Blog: Pantone Fall 2014 Color Report, designer Gary McBournie, Traditional Home Designer Gary McBournie, Traditional Home


Aurora Red:
Mauve Mist:


Radiant Orchid:


Bright Cobalt:
Donna's Blog: Pantone Fall 2014 Color Report, Lynn Morgan House beautiful designer Lynn Morgan, House Beautiful, photographer Jeremy Samuelson


Royal Blue:
Donna's Blog: Pantone Fall 2014 Color Report, House Beautiful designers Patricia Healing and Daniel Barsanti, House Beautiful, photographer Douglas Friedman


Donna's Blog: Pantone Fall 2014 Color Report, designer Andrew Howard, Traditional Home designer Andrew Howard, Traditional Home, photographer Lucas Allen




Did you see a color you love?  Or a color you absolutely could not use?  Tell me, I'd love to know what they are.