Pallet Vertical Succulent Garden

3 years ago

I have been wanting to do this project for over a year. This pallet has literally been sitting in my backyard just waiting for me to get motivated ... and I am thankful I finally did! After much Pinterest educating, I tackled this long-overdue project. Can you tell I love succulents? This now is the fourth or fifth succulent project I have made!

  • Pallet
  • Landscaping Fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • 5 Cubic Feet of Dirt (I bought the kind specific for succulents)
  • Succulents

Step 1: Obtain a pallet.

I am sure there are several ways you can obtain them for free. Here in San Diego, we seem to have them in every alley, so when I saw this one in decent shape, I scooped it up. I stained it a dark color, before I started—and I am glad I did; it makes the green of the succulents really pop! I also sanded down any really jagged edges.

Step 2: Use landscaping fabric.

Measure it out the size of your pallet. I measured mine out to be three times the size I needed, so I could fold it over upon itself, thus creating a thicker barrier.

Step 3: Staple the heck out of it.

Staple everywhere. Especially focus on the bottom and the sides, making sure it is tightly fixed.

Step 4: Place pallet flat on the ground, opening side up.

IMPORTANT: Put your pallet down as close as possible to where you want to permanently place it, because it will be VERY heavy. I was shocked that it took two grown men to move my pallet about a yard, and it was a strenuous activity.

Step 5: Add dirt.

Maybe it was because my pallet was larger than others, but I went through five bags of dirt! I saw a tutorial that only called for one, so I bought two. Then I had to go to the store for more … then again for more! So if you don't want to make several trips, get more then you need. Pack it in nice and tight, especially on the bottom. 

Step 6: Add succulents.

My pallet garden is thankfully made entirely from cuttings I was able to get them from neighbors, family, friends, and even my own yard—and I still keep adding to it! This was a HUGE savings on cost.

Step 7: Let it sit.

Ideally, let it sit for a few weeks, in order to allow plants to root before moving it vertical. I waited about a week, though, and it was fine.

Succulents do not need to be watered a ton; maybe once a week.

Enjoy your vertical pallet garden.

Photo Credit: Pictures of the Pallet Vertical Garden were beautifully taken by the amazing Katie Beverley.

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