Painted Potpourri: I want what I want

4 years ago
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Painted Potpourri PinI’m On a Grey and Gold Kick

I see it everywhere, and a few months ago, I redid my living room, with gold and gray as the main colors.

Now I’m bringing those colors into my dining room, too, and I needed some filler for the hurricane that’s the centerpiece on my dining table.

Well, apparently the potpourri companies haven’t gotten the memo on this fabulous color combo, because I sure couldn’t find any with grey and gold in it.

I Made My Own Painted Potpourri

Country Chic’s Pebble Beach  is exactly the grey I was looking for, and Fresh Mustard is almost the identical gold that’s in my table runner.

While painted potpourri was not really a project I had ever thought about doing, I was determined to get the hurricane on my table done in the colors I wanted. So painted potpourri it is.

I chose some potpourri that had some light color in it, along with some shapes and textures I liked.  The off white is perfect, the green, not so much.


I decided to paint the pecan-looking pieces with the Pebble Beach, and the large seed pod in the Fresh Mustard. Since these were fairly small, I decided to just dip them into the paint, rather than trying to paint them with a brush. This was a bit messy, but went pretty quickly.


These did take quite a while to dry; apparently dipping leaves a thicker coat of paint than a brush. I painted the seed pod using an artist’s brush. Once everything was dried, I mixed the grey pieces into the other filler, and poured it into the hurricane. After placing the larger pieces around the edges, I dropped in my big, fat gold candle, and my hurricane centerpiece, with it’s painted potpourri filler was all done!

It looks great on my dining room table!


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