Organized? Not So Much

6 years ago

I am not an extraordinarily organized person in my everyday life, although I have been taught to be so. If I were able to post a picture of the coffee table or my sewing area right now, I could easily confirm this. I often do not know the latest landing place of my phone, my glasses or my water bottle . Darling husband can attest to this. However, if I am involved in planning a wedding, or even a birthday dinner at home for one of my darlings, I will have lists and notes and ideas all gathered, more or less, in a central location. And though it may appear that there is a haphazardness to it, if I write it down, I have it in my head as well.


If I am doing a wedding or an event for someone, I have a notebook or folder where I put every scrap of paper on which I scribbled a note, and multiple lists and almost, lists of lists. I was cleaning some things out the other day and found a folder that I had used when I helped coordinate a wedding reception. In that folder were drawings of the food table, a timeline of events, a to do list for the days before the wedding and copies of e-mails between the mother of the bride and me. Just by looking at that folder, I could remember almost every detail of the wedding reception, and the days leading up to it.


There is a feature on my new laptop called “Sticky Notes.” I have grown to love this element and have taken to using it almost daily to keep up constant reminders of things that need to be done. My list for today includes couponing, getting a California map, so that I can see the “lay of the land”, so to speak for our trip in July and reminding myself to make a deposit at the bank. Even though I won't have the note with me while out running errands, I will be able to visualize it and hopefully, not forget anything.


Because our food bill seems to have tripled since my mom moved in with us, I am now making more of an effort to plan menus based on the sales at the grocery stores I frequent. I have also started couponing; not at the grocery stores so much because there do not seem to be many coupons for fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy or meat. I make most of the food we eat from scratch and use very little prepared food. I have determined that couponing for cleaning supplies and personal care items is money saving, although it just takes me a long time to get ad, coupon and list together, even with the websites that allow you to print your list and tell you where the coupons are located. Though I enjoy this exercise on some levels, I wonder if I am making the best use of my time.



Today, I feel Spring in the air. This makes me want to clean out the kitchen cabinets and wash windows and light fixtures. I only do this a little at a time because I really do not like cleaning, although I love it when the house is clean. Unfortunately, doing this sort of deep cleaning requires some organizational plan in order to cover all the bases. If you have any tips to make being organized more fun and appealing, let me know...

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