My Opus: Part I

5 years ago

Magnum opus (plural: magna opera, also opus magnum / opera magna), from the Latin meaning “great work”, refers to the largest, and perhaps the best, greatest, most popular, or most renowned achievement of a writer, artist, or composer.

Five months ago I had an idea (and also two infants and a four-year-old that my quiet idea had to compete with, so it has taken a while to work itself out). 

I suppose some background is necessary.  I make things.  Lots of things.  But most of the time I make jewelry.  I don’t mean beads and some string, and look at these earrings I totally just made myself… I mean torches, molten metal, and hydrochloric acid. Saws, hammers, and files (see also: burns, accidental chemical exposure, and lacerations).

I have been at this for some time with the crackpot idea that I could be a working artist at some point— I filed for my first business license in 2003.  It has taken many of those years to hone my skills with an amazing substance called Precious Metal Clay.  It is a substitute for the Lost Wax casting method, and allows me to work in a much smaller shop with fewer (mind-bendingly expensive) tools.  It also gives me the ability to mass-produce a design, but still have the flexibility to customize each piece. I love it. 

On this new blog I plan to share some of the tricks I have learned so that even the most novice reader could buy a lump of silver clay, or a smattering of wire and start creating things.  Even better than that, if you’re lucky enough to be near Salt Lake City, I will be teaching classes in my new studio.

More on my idea in a bit!

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