My Camera Loves the Lighthouses of Maine

7 years ago
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I've been to Maine many times and have photographed quite a few of its 60 lighthouses.  My camera loves the Portland Head Lighthouse, which is said to be the most photographed lighthouse on the East coast.  It's also the oldest of Maine's lighthouses.


Portland Head Lighthouse


Another view, probably the most often photographed. 


Portland Head Lighthouse 2


A third view of the Portland Head Lighthouse.  This is the entrance.


Portland Head Lighthouse 3


Cape Neddick Lighthouse, in York, Maine, is also among the most photographed. I've been there several times and one time I found the fog so thick I wasn't able to get a picture.  This lighthouse is on an island and on the left side of the picture, you'll see cable car that's used when transporting a work crew over.  


Cape Neddick Lighthouse 


The Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse is located in Rockland, Maine, and I had to walk over the rocks to get there.  It is said that it's a mile out and back.  It isn't an easy walk because there are large open spaces between the rocks.


Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse


The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is a a beauty.  When the ocean is churning, the waves crash against the rocks and send up a huge spray of water.  I have, on occasion, watched artists who stand on the rocks painting the scene in oils.  Can you spot the artist I saw working that day?

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse


It's an 11 mile ferry ride to Monhegan Island and the lighthouse.  During the summer, artists hold workshops and also set up shops where they sell their paintings.  $$$  I couldn't afford one. 


Monhegan Lighthouse


The elusive Owl's Head Lightstation has witnessed many shipwrecks.  It's a bit of a climb to the top but I did it.


Owl's Head Lighthouse


One of my favorite lighthouses is the Bass Harbor Light.  To get a good photograph, one has to descend a pair of rickty steps and then scale a few rocks.  I'm proud of this photograph I took.


Bass Harbor Lighthouse


Marshall Point Lighthouse is located at Port Clyde, not far from Rockland.  There is a small community near the lighthouse, plus a few shops one can browse in.


Marshall Point Lighthouse


I once had the pleasure of meeting a man who had written a book about his early life as the son of a lighthouse keeper.  I bought his book and he autographed it for me. He told a very interesting story and I was happy to have met and chatted with him. 

He had come to Camden, Maine to meet with his publisher and while I was browsing,

my hubby struck up a conversation with him.  


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