Moving is unlimited in reason

a year ago
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Have you ever wanted to just pick up and move away? An urge felt by most over the years has been acted upon by a brave and impulsive few. Moves for whatever reason can change a person's life forever.

This article will highlight the stories of a few of the people who decided to get up and make a move and change the scenery.

I moved over my tore-up knee!

“I was a glamorous Broadway performer, but three knee surgeries in, I realized that I had no desire to return to work. After many restless nights, I chose a leap of faith into the unknown and moved into a sailboat down in the Carolinas. The time spent living on the ship allowed me a better outlook on my life. That journey on the boat led me back to Houston where I met my husband. Our home is lovely and looking back, I would never have thought such a property would be attainable. Knee surgery gave me what I was truly looking for in life and I am grateful.” Michelle DeJean, Houston, TX

There's nothing like an Earthquake to shake things up!

“For a time, I was living and working in West Hills, CA. I knew our house was on a fault line but the prospect of what could happen in an earthquake didn't bother me. I was raised in New York after all. After five months of our new life and house, my feelings about our new life were shaken up real good. Awoken by an odd tugging sensation I was in a panic. I had never been in an earthquake before, even though the shake was a 3.7, we immediately put our house up for sale and high tailed it back East. I remember thinking I’d rather be back in familiar territory than in California dealing with the unknown.” Maria Vizzi, New York, NY


At the Bequest of Royalty

“One day out of the unexpected came a call from a go between who wanted to know if I would work as a health trainer for Moroccan royalty. Scared at the prospect of moving my family to a strange land, I reminded myself that it was only for a year—so why not? One year turned into six and we are still living it up in Morocco.” Christopher Warden, Rabat, Morocco

For love of the right side of the tracks

“My love of the city life subsided as soon as our neighbor across the street was stabbed outside our house. In less than a month, my house was rented, allowing me to go and live in the country. It is amazing how one zip code can transform heroine into horses. It is true what they say, one moment can change your feelings on where you live in an instant.” Timothy Trudeau, El Cajon, CA

To leap through my career!

“Being a Mexican citizen altered the amount of work I got as a dancer, I am a Ballerina. My advisor suggested I try auditioning in Europe, where the laws around citizenship were a little more relaxed. With a job, there would be no issue with getting a visa to stay. After a few months living out of my suitcase, I found a job in Vienna, and I was afforded a great experience and my eyes were opened to a new culture.” Gabriela Garcia, New York, NY

Island living is a better trade!

“I loved my life in New York City. But a job opportunity on a tiny Caribbean island changed all that. I wanted to try it because my husband longed for sand and clear blue water. The adjustment was a complete shock, but I’m starting to accept the slower pace. There are no healthy supermarkets, but we are not short of fresh seafood or fruit. I don't want to make this our forever home but I am glad for the experiences that I have had.” Dee Myers, St. Lucia

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