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Today I have a guest post for you from Nancy Parker. She has written up a wonderful post on Screen-Free Holiday Crafts for Kids. Take it away, Nancy!

 Mess and Screen Free Holiday Crafts for Kids
Having craft time with kids usually means a mess, and during the busy holiday season that is not something you want to spend time cleaning up after. However, it wouldn’t be the holidays without some fun themed crafts to go along with it! For mess and screen free fun with your kids, why not try:

1) Felt Tree – I know kids are always trying to play with the Christmas tree and ornaments, so why not give them their own tree to decorate? Cut out a green tree from felt and add some colorful felt ornaments and presents. Hang the tree up on the wall and let kids decorate, redecorate and have fun with that tree to their heart’s content. Nothing messy or dangerous here, just fun!


2) Finger Paint in a Bag – Finger painting is usually a messy proposition, but not this method! All you have to do is put a couple globs of paint in a large gallon Ziploc bag, get the air out, and tape down the edges. Taped to a table, kids can have fun mixing colors and painting without the paint drying out or getting all over!















3)Leaf Wind Catcher – Celebrate the fall with autumn colored leaves! You can use real laves, but that can be messy. Instead, purchase some artificial leaves, a bit of twine, and some beads for color. Have kids string the beads and leaves on the twine and hang for all to see!















4) Overnight Snowflake – This one is fun for kids to watch, though they do not get to participate as much. All you need is some borax, pipe cleaner and thread to make beautiful crystal snowflakes. Just mix borax and water and pour into a mason jar. Drop in your snowflake shaped pipe cleaner (or any shape you want, snowman would be good) and tie a strong around it for easy retrieval. Let it sit overnight and in the morning you will have a sparkly snowflake!
















5) St. Nick’s Station – Give the kids something to focus on besides gifts! Take an empty cardboard box and cut doors and windows in it. The kids can pretend they are helping Santa make the gifts and ‘ship’ in all the parts for the toys with their trucks, cars and trains. They can even set up a reindeer landing strip!















6) Sensory Bag – This is a fun craft for the very little ones. Fill a gallon bag with hair gel and assorted small toys (no sharp edges please). Seal up the bag with duct tape and let the babies go to town! They love to feel the squishy against the hard and figure out what each shape in the bag is and how it will move. Mess free and will keep them busy!















These are just a few of the fun, mess and screen free crafts and activities you and your children can do this holiday season. Check online for more great ideas or just come up with your own. There is no limit to the fun you can have!

Author Bio Nancy Parker was a professional nanny and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, parenting, child care, babysitting, nanny, etc.
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