Little Things to Sew, for dolls...

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Last year Violet received my old Molly American girl doll as a birthday gift from us, I think it was a bit early for her.  Honestly, she didn't play with her much.  Part of that, I think, is because she enjoys playing with Henry so much and so often that she doesn't really think to play with her dolls.

The other reason I think she didn't enjoy playing with Molly much was because of her hair.  Molly's hair was frizzy and messy, it had accidentally been brushed with a normal brush and not a wire brush which resulted in a frustratingly unmanageable head of hair.  Plus, it still smelled a bit musty from years and years of being in storage...

So, as part of her birthday present we decided to send Molly off the American Girl Doll Hospital for a new head...(I requested the old head back though, you know for sentimentality.)  Days after we sent her off in the mail I received a phone call from the hospital telling me a) that they can't send back the old head, but b) there didn't seem to be any reason for a new head, just a new eye, a special wash and some good brushing...I was so amazed at how accommodating and nice the "nurse" from the hospital was.  About a week later Molly arrived home good as new! 

Violet was quite excited to have Molly home...It seemed that manageable hair might make the difference...

So, I decided to sew up a few things for Molly and Violet as a birthday gift.  I used two patterns from the Oliver+S Little Things to Sew book, the tea party doll dress and the bear carrier.

Of course, Molly's new birthday dress needed to match Violet's new birthday dress... IMG_9876
I love how this pattern makes the skirt flute out at the bottom perfectly!  So cute! IMG_9871

It was a quick "little thing to sew" which is good because it was really all I had time for and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  IMG_9873

I think I might have to get used to this sewing for dolls's waaaay less expensive than buying the dresses in the store and not difficult either, not to mention the fact that Violet was just given a Fancy Nancy friend to go along with Molly, so now there are two!

After the dress was finished I moved on to the carrier which also really came together quite quickly, although I did do it in stages, a bit here and there... IMG_3115
Violet is at the age where you never can quite tell what her taste is.  One day she is completely and totally still loving the pink and purple and the next it's green or blue, cars, animals, flowers...who knows...So, I gave her free range of my fabric...I told her to pick her favorites, but didn't tell her why.  She was very deliberate about it all.  She made a few picks, but then changed her mind when she looked at them together.  IMG_3120
In the end, I love the fabrics she chose, especially b/c they aren't too "girly" because Henry has already been wearing this little carrier around a few times "playing Daddy!".  Adorable! 

Oh, one thing, I used the suggested velcro for the bottom closures as suggested in the pattern, but I have to say, it didn't hold.  So, I took a cue from Tara and used buttons instead.  Much, much better!

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