Lego Snow Globes

5 years ago
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Tons of blogs have DIY snow globes.  I was excited to try this with the kiddos, but wanted to bring a fresh spin to the project for readers.  I came up with the idea for them to be Lego-centered.  We went to our local Lego shop and they all picked out the minifigure of their choice.  We came up with Jack Sparrow, a skiing girl, and Indiana Jones.  I am so pleased with the way they came out!

Here is what you'll need:

Distilled water
Mineral oil
Artificial trees (easily found at the dollar store or craft store)
Artificial snow
Plumber's tape
A jar (I used old food bottles, like those used for pickles and olives, but mason jars work great, too)
Hot glue gun

Clean and dry your jar (if needed).  Heat the glue gun.  If the minifig your child has chosen has removable parts, be sure to put a dab of hot glue to secure those to the figure.  While drying, hot glue your tree to the lid of the jar.  Feel free to trim the tree a bit if you are using a smaller jar.  Then, glue your minifig to the lid, next to your tree. 

In your jar, add distilled water and about 1/2 ounce of mineral oil.  Do not fill to the top; leave a 1 inch space.  Add the artificial snow (about a tablespoon, a little goes a LONG way!).  Add glitter (again, a little goes a long way).  Around the rim of the jar, add a strip of plumber's tape (this helps create a better seal on the jar).

Carefully insert the lid and screw tightly.  Invert and watch the magic happen!  You may have a drip or two; wipe dry and shake gently again.  If this continues to happen, you may need to add a little more plumber's tape.