Late Summer Blooms: In My Backyard

7 years ago
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My flower beds took a hit last week when the rains from Hurricane Lee came through.  I took a few photographs before and after and would like to show them to you.

The marigolds have been beautiful this year and I plan to save some seeds.  The purple cone flowers,too, have done well.



purple cones


I grow herbs in pots and I used this little plant to add some color.  I call it 'Goldilocks' because the leaves turn gold when they're in the sun.  I have it in my garden, too, and a friend tells me it will survive the winter.  I hope so because it's a very pretty plant.




I don't grow many roses, but I do have the "Peace" rose.  Peace is a strong rose and it blooms throughout the summer.



Walking along the garden path, I spot my clumps of liriope, which love my soil.  Also, I spot my yellow daisies, and one of my mums.



yellow daisy




On the back fence, I have a summer clematis growing.  Summer Clematis likes to ramble and I find it everywhere.  It's one plant I struggle to control.


summer clematis


I'm growing dahlias for the first time and they're blooming now.  I have yellow, lilac, and rust colored dahlias, bought at the greenhouse when they were 60% off the original price. I will dig the tubers before winter sets in and store them for planting again in the spring.




I have a large pyracantha growing against the carport. The orange berries are striking and the birds love them.  In fact, I suspect the birds will have them eaten way before cold weather sets in.  I have to take my photographs early if I want to beat the birds.




My hostas took a beating one afternoon when we had a hailstorm.  Hailstones the size of quarters fell.  Strong wind gusts tore branches off the trees and this is one of the hostas that was damaged.  Most of the leaves have holes in them from being punched by the hailstones.




I don't grow many vegetables because I have too much shade in my yard.  I do grow a few things in pots, however.  Along with a few tomatoes, I grow peppers and fennel.  I grew a cucumber plant, too, and trained the vines to grow up through a tomato cage.  I should have taken a picture because the cucumbers hung straight down and the plant did much better than if it had been allowed to ramble on the ground.

 A few green tomatoes still hang on the vines.  Before the week is out, I plan to pick them, slice them, bread them with cornmeal and fry them.  If you haven't eaten fried green tomatoes you're missing something.  Can you tell I enjoy southern cooked meals?








I'm saving so many seeds from my flowers and vegetables that I should have enough for the neighborhood next spring.  My daughter has a greenhouse, and although she lives two hours away, I'm considering asking her if I can reserve a space for growing my seeds. 



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