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8 years ago
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My First Tea Cup

Everyone in blog land seems to have tea cups except me. I was feeling very left out of your little club until I remembered this awesome cup that I've had since I was a little kid. I keep it displayed on my corner hutch, and see it so often that I'd forgotten it was there! It has a nice story behind it, too.When we were little, my sister and I would often have sleepovers with our
Aunt Kakee, my dad's sister. Of course, being my DAD'S sister, she had and still has, tons of old things. She had a great collection of unusual tea cups. Some with tall bases, many with tons of gold trim, all hand painted, and all from pre-WWII Japan.We were allowed to choose a cup for breakfast and have very milky coffee, which we thought was awesome, of course. Eventually she let us each choose a cup to keep, and they became our coffee cups at home on weekends. I think these cups and the rituals and traditions around them are one of the reasons that breakfast is my favorite meal. Every Saturday my dad would make a yummy bacon and egg breakfast, and Sundays he made pancakes or waffles. He still does this for my mom to this day!
We were one of those families that always had dinner together, but my best memories are of the breakfasts, discussing what we were going to do that weekend, what we had learned at school, and just yakking because there usually wasn't anywhere to rush off to.
Do you have certain objects that bring back big memories? Do your kids like to hear the stories? My niece and nephews do!

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