It's All in the Details: Drapery Panels

5 years ago

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of guest posting at The Mustard Ceiling Blog.  I posted on the different ways you can treat your windows (you can check it out here).  I thought that I would elaborate on the subject by focusing solely on drapery panels.


Zoya B

Drapery panels have always been the norm for window treatments (generally seen as a combo of panels with swags/cascades, etc), but in recent years, we've strayed from the traditional panels and swag combo to simple, minimalistic panels.  Even the fabrics selected reflect this "transitional/contemporary style"--fabrics ranging from no prints to modern prints.  Even the puddles have seemed to shrink before our eyes; what once was a typical 6-inch plus puddle is now a slight puddle or panel that just hits the floor or a panel that hits just above the floor.  Tassels have been ousted for the braids and bands used as trims on the panels, as well as an accent fabric used as the panel border.  The frou and frill are no longer--reflecting most Americans attitudes in moving towards a more simple, uncluttered lifestyle.


I'm not saying that the typical traditional drapery designs are non existent, just not as prominent as they once were.  And I'm sure that they will make their way back in popularity at some point (as all things do), but when they do, I believe that the designs will have transitional/contemporary influences.


Another item to discuss is how you mount your draperies.  Always mount the rod as close to the crown/ceiling if you are having draperies go to the floor.  This adds visual height to your room.  I always have my drapery panels made with at least a double fullness, so the panels don't look skimpy.  The higher your ceiling, the fuller you will want them to be so they do not lose visual weight either.

Though simple and minimal as they are, drapery panels are always a classic and beautiful way to brighten a space and add oomph to your windows--creating spaces that are modern to romantic to traditional to dreamy.  It is like adding an accessory to your outfit.


I hope you are enjoying the look of simple panels as much as I am.  What are your thoughts on only using panels to dress your windows?

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