I-Cord Problems

4 years ago

Is it just me?  I see patterns calling for i-cord and I say, "Cool!  I know how to do that."  But, being a bear of very little brain, I read the instructions anyway.  They always seem to say something like this:

Cast 3 st onto dpn.  Knit all st.  *Slide st to other end of needle.  Without turning work, knit all st.  Repeat from *.

And I cast my stitches on (probably onto a circular needle with a short cable because I have no love for double points), knit them, slide them, and sit there stumped.  My stitches are sitting there ready to be knit, but the yarn is way over on the other side.  I frog.  I start again.  Same problem.  I read the pattern again.  I consider turning the work even though I know it's not right.  Frog again.  Finally, I pull up a youtube video to watch someone doing it.

Oh, right!  You take the yarn from the third stitch, pull it a bit tightly behind the stitches, and knit the first stitch.  Like in the picture below.  This will form a tube.

Why don't the patterns just say that?  It makes me batty.  But maybe it's just me and this doesn't confuse the rest of you.

Something that can't be just me?

Thinking that is way too many ends to have this far into a project.  One of my skeins of the main color is much darker than the other, so I'm alternating rows with them.  Combine that with the otherwise darling applied i-cord and a construction method that inexplicably involves constantly cutting the yarn, and there are just too many ends.  I know why this happened, though.  The other day I was talking about how much I like weaving ends in.  I obviously deserved this punishment.

On the plus side, I wasn't sure how these colors were going to work together, but I really like them!

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