How to "Tie-Dye" a Terra Cotta Pot

3 years ago

Everything is better with a rainbow: play spaghetti, birthday cake, and now planters.

There is something very satisfying about intentionally dumping paint and watching it run. And at 50 cents a pop for a basic terra cotta pot, why not? Especially when the results are this cute.


  • Terra cotta pot
  • Plant
  • Craft paint
  • Paper bag or newspaper

Step 1

Turn your pot upside-down on a paper bag or newspaper.

Step 2

One color at a time, pour a generous amount of paint onto the base of your planter, so much so that it drips down the sides.

Step 3

Do not allow paint to dry in between colors, but do give each color a few minutes to run down the sides of the pot. Add as many colors as you like.

Step 4

Allow to dry completely. The paint will be really thick, so this might take a while. Have patience.

Step 5

Put a plant inside.

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