How to Properly Package Your Product

a year ago

If you are in the business of shipping your products to your customers (like most businesses these days) than you are also in the business of making sure that your product arrives at its final destination in its preferred state.  You might not realize it, but the packaging supplies you use are the ultimate answer for making this happen. 

  Yes, all personnel handling the packages need to be respectful and careful of what they are handling, but they also have a job to do and a specific way of doing it.  The shipping boxes alone that you choose could make a real difference in facilitating this process.  Obviously, the newer the shipping boxes the stronger they are, and the stronger they are the better they are able to withstand the rigors of travel.  

Not to mention, shipping boxes of appropriate size are less likely to be ruined along the way- if you have a box that is way too big, and not enough filler, the box is going to be more vulnerable to bending and crushing.  These are just obvious things to think about.  What about some things that are not so obvious?

Packing peanuts might be a really light option for filling the void in your packages, but it’s important to keep in mind that they are very high in static electricity and can be especially difficult to store.

Packing paper is a popular packaging material because, when crumpled, it is strong enough to really help the box hold up, but it is also a product that can be reused easily.

If you are mailing legal documents, you can’t take any chances with them getting ruined.  A padded document mailer is the way to go, or even a mailing tube.  And definitely get insurance on packages of high value.  You never know what will happen between you and your customer, and you will be displaying a solid business ethic if you show that you have done all that you can to ensure a proper and successful shipping experience.

When shipping heavy items, make sure they are properly stabilized.  You don’t want to put a bowling ball in a box and call it a day.  For sure, the bowling ball probably won’t be able to sustain much damage regardless of how it’s handled, but you certainly don’t want to injure the handler or have anything happen that would keep your package from arriving on time at the correct destination. 

 So you basically want to treat your heavy stuff like they are breakable, delicate items as well.  Make sure all the item spaces are filled, and the item isn’t going to shift while being shipped.



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