How To Persuade Your Husband To Do Infertility Check

2 years ago
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Compared with women, men are generally reluctant to go to the hospital to check whether they have infertility problems or not. If your husband is the type, you may better ask him why he did not want to go. If your husband is not ready to go to the hospital to do the infertility test, maybe you can help him. You can go to the doctor to inquire in advance to see if there are possibility to collect semen needed for the test.
Possible Causes Of Infertility
  • Low Sperm Count,
  • Frequent Hot Water Bath,
  • Long-Term Wearing Of Tight Pants,
  • Often Long-Distance Cycling,
  • Smoking and Alcoholism, and so on.
Sperm Production Problems
  • Sexual intercourse problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and ejaculation disorders
  • Drugs such as anabolic steroids, cancer drugs and some antihypertensive drugs
  • Infections such as sexually transmitted infections, mumps, may cause sperm production to decline
How To Prevent/Treat Male Infertility
Before you consider any targeted treatment, make sure you have a healthy lifestyle (such as smoking, and diet).
The treatment of infertility depends on the cause of infertility. If your husband's nutrition is balanced, there is no vitamins or drugs that can effectively increase the number of sperm. There is no single way to solve the problem of low sperm count, because there are many reasons for this situation, the way of treatment varies from person to person.
The best way solves the problem infertility is treating it in a natural way. Home remedies in this regard help to a great extent to get rid of the possible causes of infertility permanently. At the same time, they to improves on your lifestyle.
  • Why Your Husband Might Not Want To Do The Infertility Check And How To Help
Men have a lot of worry, the mostly he is worried that he will be checked out there is a problem, so you will think it is his fault. He may also be afraid that he cannot provide samples of semen, or do not want to let others judge him.
He may also worry that if diagnosed as infertility, it may indicate that they are impotence. "If so, you'd better remind him that there is no connection between the two.
An Impotence man still have a strong fertility, as long as he can produce enough sperm for the egg insemination. In turn, a very masculine man may also be checked out that there is no fertility at all.
In addition, you should calm down because in most cases, male infertility problems can be successfully cured. But to be certain, first you have to accept the doctor's examination and diagnosis.
In any case, if you find it difficult to get pregnant, your husband needs to do the infertility test, because about one-third of infertility problems are caused by men, especially men with low sperm count.
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