How to make a dream jar

3 years ago
Since having a dreams jar where people of random ages keep their dreams is too mainstream, I thought I should have one too! I'll fill it with my dreams and bury it somewhere and dig it out when I'm 90. To let my grand kids know how teens used to dream back in 2014, I bet they'd think that 2014 was a boring year. 
As I promised myself that there'd be DIYs back in my life, even my new year resolution said this. Look, I'm completing one of my new year's resolution. Look New year resolution police, I'm not a criminal anymore! This dreams jar was a 2 minutes DIY. Let's take a look:
What do we need?
A jar, of couse
Marker or pencil
And some motivation
Thanks to my aunt for letting me have her mayonnaise jar. Wash it and clean it.
Paste the dream chit on the jar. Let people know what's inside. Keep the lingo clean. Pliss.
There's no purpose of putting this picture in this post. But I posted because i can. Or because I wanted to let you know I still have stationery. GOSH I NEED TO BUY MORE STATIONERY!
An unicorn pliss, a girl can dream. Right? Left?
I want to travel. It's one of my biggest dreams. I'll start with Pakistan. Then Turkey. Then Japan. Then USA. Then Canada. I have a long list and that's what I call real dream. Buy me some tickets and let me wanderlust.
Dang! Your dream jar is ready to rock. Listen, take its stylish pictures to let people know what you created. Mom would be proud. I'd like my dad to read my dreams because his sponsorship towards my noble dreams would be amazing. Like a DSLR and all Pakistan tour. 
Well, I should have named it jar of broke girl's dreams, shouldn't I? 
Let me know if you're going to make this, I'll feel good that I convinced people to move and not spend their summer lying down, making plans in her/his (if any) head.
Have a happy day!


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