How to Make a Compliment Bouquet

5 years ago

I am a girl who loves getting flowers. I know, I know. They die eventually. But for me, the surprise of a fresh bouquet never gets old and is always appreciated. My boyfriend, Shelton, is great at surprising me when I least expect it.

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, I wanted a new way to give flowers as well as sweet compliments. I did some searching online for ways to fold notes into flowers, but nothing really fit what I was envisioning. So, I took the time to plan it all out myself from scratch. I'm really proud of this DIY and hope that you'll make a bouquet of compliment flowers for someone you love. This is a project that can be given anytime - just like their fresh counterparts. Make it special, make it your own.

This particular bouquet I gave to Shelton, and he loved it.

Opening every flower was like opening a gift, he said.

Compliment Bouquet For Every Occasion:


You'll need:

  • Flower templates cut out (I cut a dozen from construction paper)
  • Pipe cleaners (2 for each flower you plan to make)
  • Paper squares to write your sweet notes on
  • Leaves in the form of cupcake liners (literally plucked from my Holiday Garland DIY)
  • Hot glue gun and a couple glue sticks
  • Pretend like the hole punch isn't there


STEP ONE: Write your sweet compliments on the paper squares. Tip: start each compliment with "You..." This helps focus your mind/heart on the things you love the most about the person you're giving the bouquet to. I stole the "You make my soul smile." from my friend Alex's wedding vows. Fold them up into tiny squares.


STEP TWO: Take two pipe cleaners and twist together to make one stem. Leave about a half inch untwisted on one end (shown under my thumb). On the untwisted end, take the two pipe cleaners and pull apart to make a "V." (This will make more sense below.) Do this for all the stems you need.


STEP THREE: This is where it gets a little tricky, but stay with me on this. To fold your flowers, take one cutout (with the open slit facing your right) and fold down the top petal.


Moving clockwise, fold the petal pointing to your right over and through the slit of the first petal. The slits will hook on each other.


Still moving clockwise, fold the bottom petal up and behind the first petal. It will hook into place on the top left.


Stick in one of your folded notes.


Take the last petal (should be the one pointing to your left) and fold it to the right and under all of the hooked petals. Pull it up so that it is positioned in the top right corner of the petals.

Practice with one flower cutout until you get comfortable with the motion. Once you get it down, it's very easy!


STEP FOUR: Put a dot of hot glue on the center of your cupcake leaves and press your folded flower bud onto it.


Like this.

Now, I know that the picture shows the stem already attached. I started out doing this, but found that it was much easier to attach the flower to the leaves first, let them cool, and then glue the stems to the bottom of the leaves.


STEP FIVE: Pretend like there is a flower bud already on the leaves, please. Okay, this is where the "V" comes in. When all your buds are dried and stuck to the leaves, flip them over and glue on the stems. I used one line of hot glue each time and then held the "V" into place until it was dry enough to stand on its' own in the vase. Tie a pretty ribbon on the vase and you're done!

Compliment Bouquet For Every Occasion:

So lovely and different! This arrangement definitely brightens up a table just like a bouquet of fresh flowers. I was very excited with the end result. I really do hope you'll give this DIY a go. If you do, let me know how it turned out?

Happy eary Valentine's Day,


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