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6 years ago

My youngest daughter will be turning 5 on her next birthday. We are having a Beauty & the Beast 'Belle' inspired birthday party.  In planning her party I got to thinking about the 'take home gift' for each guest. I like to send home a little more than just a bag full of candy as a thank you for celebrating a party. As a parent, I appreciate a pencil or a coloring book more than a handful of candy and little plastic trinkets. So this year with keeping with the 'Baking and Belle' theme each little girl will have a Belle apron to wear at the party and take home with them as a memento. I searched the internet looking for yellow aprons that I could embellish and call it a day.  None could be found in my price range. So it was time to crank up my creative juices and make them myself! As my readers you benefit by having a tutorial if you would like to make one for your princess!!

Start with a child's' size apron. This is one my daughter for for Christmas from her Aunt and Uncle.  But any child sized apron will do.

I found yellow flannel fabric at my local fabric store at end of season close out for $1.99 per yard! A roll of ribbon (7/8"  wide), a bag of buttons* and a roll of thread was also thrown in the cart. *buttons are completely optional but I would encourage you to get ribbon if you are not going to purchase extra fabric for the ties around the back and around the neck. Purchase a length of fabric as long as the width of the apron. *see photo below* This will give you 2 aprons. I am making 8 aprons so I ended up with 2 1/2 yards of fabric. It all depends on how wide your apron is as to how much fabric you will be purchasing. This is not an exact science. Be loosey goosey and go with it on this one. It is JUST AN APRON...not rocket science.

This is how I figured out how much fabric I would be needing. Line the neck edge of the apron with the fold of the fabric. Give yourself a generous thumbs width around the edge and that is how much it will take per 2 aprons.

O.k.  A generous fingers width. This is how 'loosey goosey' I am being with this project. Minimal measuring with this project.

Go ahead and trim your finger width around the apron.

See that section on the right? Save that. You may want it for later in the project.

Go ahead and cut along the fold line. Whaa Laa!! You have 2 apron blanks.

Use one of the aprons as a pattern and move down the length of the fabric cutting out the rest of your aprons. Here is where that extra piece comes into play. You don't have to do this step but I think it helps reinforce the neck strap and gives an over all nice look to the apron. Trim the 'extra' piece so that it is approximately a fingers width bigger than the back facing as shown. If your apron does not have a back facing... no big deal....just skip this step or improvise one. You are smart....I know you can figure it out.

This is what my finished piece looked like. Now cut ribbons. These are 21" and 28". Cut (1) 21" piece for the neck and (2) 28" pieces for the waist ties.

Pin the 21" piece of ribbon to the RIGHT side of the fabric (this is the pretty side of the fabric) at the neck.  I have these positioned in about 2" from the sides.  Adjust to your liking. Now we are going to make a rolled hem on all sides EXCEPT THE TOP NECK EDGE. With the WRONG (the not pretty side) of the fabric facing UP fold back approximately 1/4" of the fabric.

The 'roll' or fold another 1/4" to make a 'rolled edge' and them hold in place with pins. Be sure the pins go north/south to the fold vs. east/west as shown. If you make them go east/west you will break your sewing machine needle when you stick the hem in place. **don't know HOW I know this **

If you are feeling fancy make a mitered corner. If not just make it square. No one will look and no one will care what type of corner you have.  It is ok.

Now you have everything pinned and ready to stitch in place. Use a straight stitch, stitch in the middle of your rolled hem. It should be about 1/4" if you are trying to be really neat. Now we are going to work on that little piece of facing. Turn up the bottom edge 1/4" and stitch in place.  If you are feeling fancy do a rolled hem. I was NOT feeling fancy here. Putting the right (pretty) sides together of the facing and the apron. Sew 1/4" on the 3 outside edges.

It should look something like this.  Trim away the excess. Turn the facing inside out so that it is now on the inside of the apron. Your neck ribbons are now sewn in place. Attach the apron ribbon ties to the corners. Here I did a rectangle of straight stitching.  Zig Zag would work too.

And you are DONE!!! Here is where some of the fun comes in to play. I used some printable iron on transfers to write: "Thank You For Coming To My Birthday Party Love,           " Follow the print transfer instructions. I know from experience you have to flip your image horizontally  BEFORE you print it.  If you don't when you iron it on your apron the words will be backward. I thought it was a nice little personal touch thanking them for coming to her party. Also they will have 'PRINCESS _____________" on the front as well. Another optional touch would to embellish your apron with red buttons and green stitching. I just hot glued these buttons onto the apron but you can sew them by hand if you wish.  I did a fancy stitch that looks like vines but a zig zag would look cute as well. Green ribbon would be a nice touch too!

I hope you are inspired to make your own Princess Belle apron and I hope this tutorial was helpful to you! I would love to see what you made and hear how they turned out.  Link back so we can all see!!

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