How To Keep Baby Cool In The Car

4 years ago
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It's summer (well almost)! For most of you around the country you're having the best weather of the year and enjoying every second of it. But, for those of us who crazily choose to live in the desert this is our hibernation time. Daily temps are 105 to 110 + degrees every single day! I know, it's kind of sad to even think about. Since it's gotten so hot and Odette is still in a rear facing car seat, we needed to find a way to keep her cool. Our car has air conditioning in the back but her car seat completely blocks the air vents. It's seriously like a sauna back there driving around! Last week we were driving around on the weekend and Odette developed a red prickly heat rash all over her body :(

We were kind of at a loss of what to do because the heat is not going to let up even a little until around September or October. That was until we remembered something we saw at Buy Buy Baby! They have these fan tubes that attach to your air vent and can be directed towards your baby's car seat. The only problem with them is that they are $50 or more! We decided to make this ourselves and it only ended up costing under $17.

This DIY won't win an award for being pretty for sure, but your baby will love it! The first time we tried this out with Odette she cooled down within a few minutes of being in the hot car. It's so nice to know she won't ever get a horrible rash or heat stroke from any car ride this summer!

1. Start off by getting your supplies! For us that meant a little trip to the Home Depot of course. We bought a dryer vent pipe and 24 gauge galvanized wire for a little under $17.

2. Now that you have your supplies it's time to remove your rear facing car seat. Measure your vent because you're going to bend one end of the metal pipe into the same rectangular shape as your vent. It should be pretty easy to bend once you have the dimensions and it just takes a few minutes!

3. Now that you have your rectangular shape you may want to tape off the edges so it doesn't scratch your car vent. This is only temporary after all, so I really didn't want my car to get all scratched up by this.

4. Now that it's ready to go, cut 6 pieces of wire about 6-8 inches in length. Our wire even came with a little cutter attached to the box! I know I'm such a girl, most people already know that they come like this. Bend the wire in half and feed it through the vent until it attaches to one of the little plastic pieces. Continue to do this with the remainder of the 5 wires. Attach 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom.

5. Now you're going to need to punch 6 small holes in your dryer vent pipe in the same pattern they will be attached (3 holes on the top, 3 holes on the bottom). Sorry the picture I took didn't turn out for this step!

6. Once your holes are cut, feed each of the wires through the holes you punched in your tube. Twist the ends together very tightly so they don't come loose. Lastly, cut off any excess so you don't have sharp wires sticking out.

7. Now that your vent is securely attached you'll want to push it forwards and reinstall your rear facing car seat.

8. The last and final step it to attach the  pipe to the top of your car seat. We tried to tie it with string but found that using wire was a lot easier!

Again, I know this doesn't look pretty at all! Feel free to sew a cover that goes over the tube so that it doesn't look like such an eye sore. I just didn't feel like making one since it will only be in my car for a few months this summer. Hope you found this helpful for keeping your rear facing child cool this summer in the car!

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