How is it to have a Living Room without TV?

9 months ago

Coming home from a long day work and turning on the TV while sitting on a sofa in living room is a common practice. Nevertheless, this practice is becoming uncommon gradually. There could be many reasons for gradual removal of flat-screen from the living rooms. Some argue that having no TV means no background noise and, also, no neck twisting posture. Some people simply don’t pay attention to the bigger screens because they seem more engaged in smartphones and tablets.

Whatever the reason is, the TV has now started to being considered as a misfit in the living room environment. Hence, the design industry is now paying more attention towards creating the living rooms’ layouts that do not give much importance to a place for mounting a TV.
Reason the TVs are leaving the living room
There was a time when TVs weren’t featured in the living rooms. There wasn’t any technological item to place in the living rooms either. Then there came the radio. Radios had fair amount of time in the living rooms until TVs were brought into the market. Then radios were replaced by televisions. It has been there until now but people are now more interested in making the living room environment more peaceful and conversation friendly.
Charmaine Wynter, who is a Dallas based Designer, says, “There’s less planning around where the cable connection is and where the black box will go.
Wynter is now frequently asked to develop the living rooms’ layouts that allow book reading, family gathering, clustered seating and more cushioning. In other words, a living room is no longer being considered as a TV room.
So, what’s replacing TVs?

The designers are now more inclined towards giving importance to the accent designs to create artistic focal points, rather than creating a focal point with moving pictures. Fireplaces are also making their way into the living rooms. To make the design more impressive, textured walls are also being created along with the fireplaces. Large sized aquariums are also being installed in the living rooms.

Sara Abate Rezvanifar of Ambience says, “Many of our clients are seeking moments where technology doesn’t get in the way of spending time together as a family. They want a barrier between all the electronic devices and themselves.”
Lexi Bohigian from Austin, TX wanted to free the living room in her house from the electronic items she would deal with at the workplace. So, she got rid of the TV and placed a desk, a radio and a bookcase in the room.
This trend of replacing TV with artistic items and designs has influenced the home selling market too. The homebuyers have started demanding place for the accent walls and fireplaces rather than a huge portion for mounting the TVs.
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