How on Earth Do I Kick This Sugar Addiction?

How on Earth do I end up reaching for three Sweedish Fish yet end up eating the entire bag? Well last night, holistic health coach Johanna Voss explained to a packed audience why our bodies no longer respond to what should be a natural ability to know what our body needs, and when.

and yes, hand to god, that is a carrot in my farmers do everything twice as good I guess? 

Sugar seems to be the main culprit, and, hanging head in shame, know I am on this Acela speed train to sugar hell too with you. Did you know that a bottle of Snapple has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it? Or that a Luna bar has 3? Why is sugar so bad? Well according to Voss, everything in moderation is fine, however some reasons to avoid the sugar monster for our vanity driven readers (namely moi)
~Sugar can weaken eyesight (Guys do make passes at girls who wear glasses, I assure you! However, what a pain to keep breaking out those readers!)
~Sugar can contribute to obesity. (Our bodies aren't charities, lets leave the donations at the door)
~Sugar can increase the body's fluid retention (One word. Cankles.)
and what motivates this almost-40 years old-but-clinging-to-the-30's mama away from sugar.......
~Sugar can make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen. (This is where I passed out......)

And then promptly came home and tossed the Sweedish fish.

Could one conversation with Johanna change your life? Find out with a complimentary 45 minute wellness session by contacting here (phone sessions available too). I know I was shocked, and it most certainly changed the lives of a few red gummy fish now resting peacefully at the bottom of a hefty bag. Before the holidays and all that sugar arrive, give yourself a gift, and see what a holistic health coach can do for you.

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