How to Accessorize With Junk

4 years ago

Junk Accessories

Putting the icing on your decor can get pretty darn expensive. But it doesn't have to. You don't have to spend a fortune on the finishing touches inside your home. Just use Junk. It has to be some of the most interesting and conversational items you can capitalize from....let me show you!

100_4482 copy

This is an apothecary jar with rocks, old broken water faucets, rusty coat hooks....and my collection of antique, and old garden markers. Visually I find it to be VERY appealing. I love the texture that all the markers provide. The rust and patina on the old water faucets just sooth me. Just knowing that they have had hands on them literally thousands of garden and alluring is that? Especially for an old Junk - eeee farm girl! All that rust, age, patina texture all piled into a nice shiny glass jar. I LOVE the juxtaposition of the old rough with the smooth shiny and gracious. That is a point all on it's own. That mix of old/new....(over used...but true)-> shabby chic. Just keeps the balance right when accessorizing. The biggest point doesn't have to cost a fortune to be beautiful. Actually...I think that something that speaks of history and a past are so much more beautiful than any cookie cutter item you can buy. Things that tell a story. Just be sure to seal your that it doesn't get your more delicate items gross. 100_4495 copyHow interesting is this old Lipton's tea tin? The rust just make you wonder...."who drank that?". "where was I when this was made?" All this mixed with a garage sale lace tablecloth to take your eye across and down.

100_4501 copy

Something else that works really using something unexpected for purpose. Look at the picture below....the old corbel paired with a globe from an old light fixture make a visually appealing set of book ends.

100_4472 copy All this piled on top of my old "horse trailer floor. Look at the detail in both of these could spend thirty minutes just staring at the intricate details of both of them. I would LOVE to know how someone made that glass look woven.

100_4471 copy

100_4476 copy

Here I took an old trophy that I found at Goodwill and used it to hold a small floral arrangement for my side table. I LOVE her dings and dents, the tarnish. It's like it went through a right of passage. Like he went to college with someone...and then they just lost interest in the past sad...for them....but for me....score!!!

100_2598 Another shot of my old horse trailer flooring. You can read more about it here.

Having a beautifully decorated home doesn't have to cost you a mint....take a walk through Goodwill. Look for history. Walk out into an old dump...alley. I promise you'll find awesome stuff with so much character and'll wonder why you EVER spent good money on store bought cookie cutter stuff. It'll begin to change the way you look at your old junk.

What old junk do you have that you're considering throwing out? Do you have old rusty items that could be well placed against something soft and refined? Here's what I did with an old window.

Love Y'all!!

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