The house of our dreams?

4 years ago

About a week ago we got a call from a local estate agent, tempting us with a house that costs so much, we both hoped we'd hate it.

We've been in this position before you see - punching above our weight. Luckily each time previously there's been something drastically wrong with the property, like a haunted room or fixtures and fittings so stuck in the 1950's that the entire place would need re-building.

Unfortunately this time round it was love at first sight. The perfect size, perfect style and perfect neighbourhood.

We've both fallen in love and 'our' new house is the first thing we think about each morning and the last thing before we got to bed.

The spreadsheets have come back out for the first time since our wedding and we've mentally emptied every scrappy savings account that we've been hanging on to since school days.

After some serious maths we've figured out, with some sucking in and cutting down, we could actually afford it.

I can already see moving in day, and the fun we'd have unpacking the boxes. I can imagine waking up in 'our' lovely bedroom and cooking breakfast in 'our' beautiful kitchen.

Then I can see our new little kitten bounding up to me and wanting to play outside in 'our' gorgeous new garden.

I can even see our children toddling around and opening their Christmas presents under our giant Christmas tree.

It all seems perfect.

But maybe what makes it perfect is that in my dreams, life in our new house carries on pretty much as we live it today.

Parties, meals out, holidays, expensive hair cuts.

The reality is, if our offer is accepted, we're going to be tied to a monthly repayment for the next 25 years that is likely to put a stop to our life of Riley fairly quickly.

So what do we do?

We know this is a once in a decade house. There's a reason good ones like this don't come up very often. If it goes to someone else, there'll be tears from us both. Nothing else will ever compare.

But we love our life and we love being able to live it exactly how we wish.

So which way do we compromise?

Do we say goodbye to our dream house? Or our dream life?


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