To hoard or not to hoard...that is the question!

7 years ago
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I have to write a little something about hoarding! Honestly, what do people get from hoarding junk? Is hoarding like saving that dollar for a rainy day? What's up with that? About 5 years ago my husband and I decided to move in with our in-laws because of the hardship they were having to live with. I wasn't planning on living with them forever, like many other wives I was hoping some day I would have my own little castle, but, for now that is not happening and sometimes I feel like it is never going to happen. So in the meantime I have to live with the years of accumulations of my in-laws.

For almost 5 years I have heard my mother in-law say she would either tackle the side porch, basement, and her closets,,for 5 years! Every time I suggest that we clean any of the rooms, it's always later. Well, later has come and gone like summer and winter, The hoarding effect on people is like the long hot, steamy summer that makes one wish for snow and the long blustery, cold winters making one wish for a little heat...get the picture?

The side porch is filled with clothing that is never worn. They are badly boxed up and thrown in a huge pile along a wall. There is a tiny room no bigger than a small bathroom that was used at one time as a closet, instead it is piled with so much clothing that now you can't even open the door, for crying out loud! There are boxes of canned goods that are past due by a few years, so you get the picture?

The basement is so full of boxes of mail that was supposed to be shredded years ago. Boxes of things I have no clue what they are, but, I am told that they were gifts given by people. Well if they were gifts why aren't they being used? Why store your so called memories in a pile of junk boxes? If they are memories shouldn't they be out on display so that you can remember the moment of receiving it?

There is a garage also, which I used as a storage because I thought I would be able to use my furniture and personal belongings only to discover that the cold and damp weather has shown its destructive allure on my furniture. Now, since it is hard times and no one wants to buy I am forced to either give away my stored possessions or toss them in the garbage. It's a shame because I worked so hard for what I have only to have hoarders prevent me from using my furniture. It is frustrating.

I am so overwhelmed that a part of me wants to call an agency and have them remove everything, but I can't because it is not my property. So I have a question, maybe two to the people who are hoarders. What is it going to take for you to get rid of your junk? Are you perhaps waiting to get family memebers like myself to have that responsibility of cleaning your messes when you pass on? Do you not realize just how unhealthy hoarding is, not just to you but to the people who live with you? Breathing decaying junk does more than just damage our lungs, it makes us sick in other areas of our bodies. The piles of junks that are stacked here and there, well, sorry to say, but that makes it easier for rodents and bugs to hide and harder for us to keep the pest under control.

I could go on and on but I won't. I am going to end it on that note. Mr. or Mrs. Hoarder don't leave it to your love ones to have to clean your messes. That too me os not love but abuse.

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