Hi my name is Nana and I love fabric


So, I love fabric. 

Really, really love fabric.  I love everything about it.  Lol!

A few years ago I decided to sell fabric. So that gave me a great reason to BUY fabric. Gotta buy it to sell it right?  :>)

So the fabric started coming in. In bags and boxes. Then it went into bins.  Then it took over rooms.  So I got it a Tuff Shed.  Can't have it taking over the house after all.  But some of it got lonely and had to stay in the house. With the patterns.  And ribbon.  And thread, and so on.

But I digress. We had a lot of the fabric is the back warehouse of our clothing store, and when the shop started to slide I decided to try converting it to a full fabric store. A lot of the fabric was moved up and began selling from there, but it was too late to pull it off and we folded - everything from the shop went into a storage unit. Even most of the fabric, but, as is often the way of children leaving the nest, a lot of it returned home, with friends.  Lots of friends.  So many friends that it had to go to off-site storage.  We also acquired one of those industrial looking sheds you often see in driveways. 

My dear Hubby is a very tolerant man. 

So this month we decided it had been long enough, and $ enough and decided to make decisions on the prior shop inventory once and for all.

So, we dispersed everything to either WEAVE, AM VETS, RE Store, friends, etc.  Everything but the fabric that is. Never the fabric.

I just do not have the energy for anymore yard sales, and honestly it is depressing to watch perfectly good items that we paid for go for pennies on the dollar.  Not to mention that after seeing these things at the showrooms, when they came in, when we packed them up, and some of them at prior yard sales, and now coming out of storage again, I am just done with them

Honestly, it is like a constant, glaring reminder of the failure of my store, and I really am done with that.

So I called the people that the driveway shed is from to make the payment.  Annie (the manager) asked me if I was interested in a larger unit. I told her I was but my budget was not, Lol.   She then offered me a unit twice the size at the same price as we are paying now! Wow! To say I was shocked would be an understatement.  Plus, she is not charging me to deliver it, and will build the pickup cost onto the pickup of the unit, so we have no additional cost now at all.

SO EXCITING!!  But I have a ton of work to do this weekend!  Lol. 

So now our house is REALLY filled with fabric, but just for a day or two.  I promised the big guy. :>)




Yep, a lot of work this weekend.  Lol.  Sick as I am, I am very, very excited about it.

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