Helpful Food Photography Tips from Fellow Bloggers

11 years ago
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People who start food blogs often come to three realizations about food photography rather quickly : Food blogs need photos, taking pictures of food is rather difficult, and there are some amazing photographers out there writing food blogs. What's both lucky and wonderful is that our fellow food bloggers are often generous about sharing their expertise for those of us trying to improve our photography skills. Many times, these tips are not just for food bloggers or bloggers willing to invest in a digital SLR camera. For anyone taking photos and sharing them on a blog, you'll find useful tips here, no matter what camera you use or how much photography experience you have.

Tips from Lara Feroni
Lara Feroni was co-presenter of the panel on food photography this summer at the 2007 Blogher Conference in Chicago. Lara writes the blog Cook and Eat, where she shows off her talent with the camera as well as her wonderful food creations, and she also has an entire blog dedicated to food photography called Still Life With.

Every food-photographer-in-training should be sure to read the two part series Lara shared recently on Digicamhelp, chock full of great suggestions. In part one, called Photographing Food, Lara covers tips for taking great photos of food, simple settings and props, and shooting angle. Continuing on in Photographing Food - Part Two), Lara talks about focus, lighting, using a tripod, and white balance. Along with all these photography tips are examples of the kind of stunning food photography that Lara is known for.

Tips from Ellie Won
For those who can't or don't want to invest in an expensive camera, Ellie from Kitchen Wench has done a very informative series of posts on how she uses her point-and-shoot camera to take food photos that are so great, people accuse her of using a digital SLR. She starts out by making it clear she's not a photography expert, which is one of the things that makes this series so useful. Ellie explains what she's learned about photography in simple language that anyone can understand.

She starts out with a post on using the camera's white balance function. The second lesson is on ISO and Exposure Compensation. Next, a piece with tips on diffusing the light when you must use the flash on your camera. That's followed by a great discussion on how to focus. Finally, by popular demand Ellie added a few thoughts on set ups, shopping for cameras, and editing. If you'd like to see some examples of how well Ellie uses her point-and-shoot camera, check some of her photos of Banchan (Korean side dishes) or Bibim Bap which Ellie calls "best ever meal in a bowl."

More Tips About Photography from Food Bloggers:
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Blogher Contributing Editor Kalyn Denny also blogs (and attempts to take photos) at Kalyn's Kitchen. (Thanks to Heather Clisby from ClizBiz who normally blogs about photography at Blogher for allowing me to share some food-centric photography information.)

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